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TOOLS & RESOURCES - How to Buy a Keyword
Keyword buys have been among the big attractions in online advertising. When a person enters a search word at Yahoo, AOL, AltaVista or other sites, a search is conducted by that keyword. An individual banner ad may be served on the search-results pages brought up by the keyword. Keywords presumably offer the ultimate in targeting—one of online advertising’s big lures. The idea is that you are reaching a specific audience, which has demonstrated a pre-existing interest in your subject matter. “Keywords allow people to pay for search results,” says online media and marketing consultant Tom Hespos, whose clients have included ...» 0 Comments
EMAIL MEDIA PRIMER - Special Delivery Services
When it comes to advertising on the Internet, the web may have all the sex appeal. But email ad campaigns are beginning to take off, and with good reason.

With email usage growing and enhanced technologies allowing for more compelling advertising, commercial email messaging is hitting primetime. Forrester Research predicts that global email traffic will hit 1.5 billion messages per day by 2002, and Cyberatlas counts more than 260 million email boxes worldwide. Recent estimates from Jupiter Communications show that commercial email spending will grow from $164 million in 1999 to $7.3 billion in 2005, a forty-fold increase in ...» 0 Comments

MARKET FOCUS - Online With the "Affluent-Agers"
Baby Boomers are in charge, and they’re all over the web

First it came to Boomer-in-Chief Bill Clinton (born 1946). Then Bruce Springsteen (b.1949) and Cybill Shepherd (b.1950). Soon Jay “Dennis the Menace” North (b.1951), like his elders, will receive in the mail the document that signals one’s entry into geezerhood…the AARP card.

Over the hill? Uncool? Out of it? Not this age cohort, mama. Baby Boomers—the same group that coined the phrase “Don’t trust anyone over 30”—are now turning 50 in record numbers. With every life-stage they’ve passed through, they’ve left a distinctive mark. Focused now on ...» 0 Comments

MEDIA FOR THE ONLINE WORLD - Why PCs Will Soon Need Radio Dials
The convergence of media and the Internet has been a hot topic for years (see this issue’s cover story), but there really hasn’t been much success in achieving it until recently. However, there is one medium where convergence is actively taking place today, and that is radio.

Radio is the perfect medium for convergence. There is little need to change the content (mostly the same music or talk found on radio), average bandwidth size will deliver it (although broadband is better) and most consumers can listen right from their current PCs with a good set of speakers. In fact, ...» 0 Comments