Results for September 2000
  • ANATOMY OF A BUY - Hybrid Campaign for a Hybrid Car
    The launch of Toyota’s Prius gasoline/electric car got underway with some truly innovative marketing

    Way back when we all had to learn the 4 “P”s of marketing—product, price, promotion and place—many professors emphasized the idea that unique products demand unique promotion. Subsequently, we spent years looking for proof that such concepts actually exist in real life and have been both lucky and disappointed in that quest. For all those cynics out there, here’s an example of a campaign that took into consideration the product itself and structured a media plan accordingly.

    The much-anticipated U.S. launch of Prius, Toyota’s ...

  • InternetUniversity: Rich Media Advertising
    Rich media advertising is all the rage today, but what does it really mean and where did it come from? Quite simply, rich media is anything even slightly more sophisticated than the basic animated GIF banners you see plastered all over the web today, all the way to integrated ads that show a thirty second movie trailer followed by an interactive behind-the-scenes tour where the user could buy merchandise on the spot.

    Rich media ads are an evolution of the animated GIFs, which are easy to create and, more importantly, small in size—so there’s no fear of making web ...

  • Research Behind the Numbers: News Audience
    The Internet is on track to surpass TV networks as a source of news.

    In a recent ZDNet column about the future of news distribution via traditional media, Jesse Berst predicted a substantial weakening of viewer-/readership and a consequent decrease in ad revenues. Citing a Pew Research Center for the People and the Press ( report that reveals how Americans accessed news from 1993 through the present, Berst presented a case for an all but inevitable shift toward online dominance of news distribution. And he asserted that by 2004, “roughly half of Internet ad spending will come from the ...

  • MEDIA FOR THE ONLINE WORLD - The Who, Where, When & What of Wireless Advertising
    Rumor has it that the Internet is old news, past its prime, passé. There’s a new kid on the block waiting to take its place and ready for a few billion in ad dollars. OK, Internet, it’s time to pass your crown over to the newest and most innovate medium yet—wireless advertising. Well, maybe I’m jumping the gun a little bit, but the advertising potential of wireless is enormous. Think of the wireless medium today as the Internet back in 1995, when technology, marketing and consumer demand all simultaneously merged into a new ground-breaking advertising medium.

    This new wireless ...