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Woe Is E-mail
What does it take for a career gadget guy to get his weekly e-mail newsletter to a small group of people? Too much.» 0 Comments
Log Off: You Can't Buy a Reputation
Is paid e-mail a stamp of approval or a punishment?» 0 Comments
Behind the Numbers: Off the Rack, Off the Charts
For my wedding in May, I needed a lot of stuff: a dress, shoes, wedding party gifts. Increasingly, I found myself turning to the Web.» 0 Comments
E-mail Focus: Do You See What I See?

E-mail is the Web’s main driver, and I can prove it

In 2003, I had a revelation that had all the impact of a religious conversion. Up until that time, my attention was focused on the “cutting edge” of interactive advertising — rich media and any new cool advertising widget that came down the pike. More mundane marketing channels, like e-mail, really didn’t capture my imagination.

But in 2003, based on a client request, I began to archive, analyze, and monitor the world of e-mail marketing. Soon I had the largest database of e-mail marketing ...» 0 Comments

Search Focus: Creative Is Worth the Work
One of the best-kept secrets of search engine marketing is that great creative can lower marketers' costs.» 0 Comments
Markets Focus: Is the Word Getting Out?
Marketing to gays and lesbians takes smarts and specificity.» 0 Comments
Web U: All About Tagging and Linking
As multimedia content becomes ubiquitous, companies with large video archives will want to leverage this opportunity. But how?» 0 Comments
5 Questions for Beth Higbee, SVP, Scripps Networks Interactive
Beth Higbee oversees wireless, broadband, and interactive programs Scripps' livestyle brands Food Network and Fine Living as well as the 24-hour country music video network, the Great American Country Network. She introduced the first paid cell phone application and the first convergent TV show to the company.» 0 Comments
E-mail Experiments Pay Off
When it comes to online marketing, does an e-mail's subject line really matter?» 0 Comments
A Two-Screen Approach
All you couch surfers, listen up! BuddyTV is a still-in-beta service that lets fans cheer and sneer online as they watch a show.» 0 Comments
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