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Log Off: A Roundabout on the Superhighway
Web 2.0 is a ripoff. There. I said it.» 0 Comments
Behind the Numbers: The Inevitable Growth of Local
When the back door gets stuck and you need to change the locks, chances are that you'll go online to find a locksmith - a local locksmith.» 0 Comments
E-mail Focus: Thinking Outside the Inbox
In a previous life, I was an e-mail marketer.» 0 Comments
Sales Focus: Rep Firms Rule the Digital Roost
Intensified demand for premium inventory on major portals and prime online destinations has caused CPMs to escalate.» 0 Comments
Markets Focus: Paging the Household CEO
Mothers are generally acknowledged as "CEOs of the household" by catchphrase-happy marketers, meaning that they're the ones responsible for the lion's share of purchasing decisions in the home.» 0 Comments
Web U: Learn To Walk Before You Run
To date, I've written articles about fancy redirects, advanced linking, complex site relaunches, and duplicate content management for "clever" (read: not so clever) server setups - all decent articles on good topics.» 0 Comments
5 Questions for Tony Quin, CEO, IQ Interactive
Tony Quin is CEO of IQ Interactive, a full-service interactive agency that focuses on rich media and broadband marketing.» 0 Comments
Blog Ads on the Go
Video blogging via wireless phones isn't news. Still images, video, sound, and even virtual experiences can be posted online from even the most basic cell phones.» 0 Comments
Short-Code Search
Mobile devices have plenty of users and an increasing array of content to keep them informed and entertained.» 0 Comments
Ads, Meet Tunes
People speculate about video being the killer app for mobile, but the fact is, people use their cell phones first and foremost not for viewing or even texting, but for listening.» 0 Comments
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