Results for November 2001

Research Behind the Numbers: Sept.11
A report by the Pew Research Center concluded that the Internet was not a primary resource for news or outreach for most Americans immediately after the terror attacks, but it was a helpful supplement through the use of email and instant messaging, and as a news source. Americans, including Internet users, relied mostly on TV for their news, but the phone primarily for their immediate communication needs. [A follow-up Harris poll found that two weeks after the attacks, the number of wired Americans logging onto news sites had more than doubled.]

Though 81 percent of all Americans say they ...» 0 Comments

"Best of the Net"
Just what, exactly, do we mean by “Best of the Net”? We think you know. The pages of this month's issue are populated with the companies and technologies we’re all coming to accept as the foundation of the online medium. More than merely survivors, these players dominate the field—in some cases emerging as the industry standard (catchy title for a magazine). How did we winnow dozens of candidates in each category down to the final three or four? By a multi-stage process that began with MEDIA Magazine’s crusty editorial board, moved through an online survey of savvy users of, ...» 0 Comments
Cool, Edgy, Artistic Absolut
While media pundits spend their time delighting in the downward spiral of electronic revenues, traditional companies such as American Express, Coca-Cola, BMW, Kmart, and Absolut have been quietly making their move—colonizing and conquering cyberspace.

Whether it’s the edgy brand installations of Absolut Vodka, creating buzz among the tech-set, or Kmart’s 21st century website which shouts “Attention All Shoppers!” to middle America, successful offline companies have been busy acquiring online real estate. But more than merely establishing a web presence, these top international corporations have demonstrated remarkable visionary zeal by creating symbiotic relationships that blur the lines between online ...» 0 Comments

Ad Network Focus: Commission Junction
There are three letters that send many people in this industry into a tizzy: C-P-A. CPA stands for cost-per-action and is just another way to define affiliate marketing. CPA is not the most loved and admired pricing form for publishers, since it places more responsibility, and more importantly, greater risk on the publishers (they don’t get paid unless the advertiser gets a lead). Commission Junction (, a network founded in 1998 by Lex Sisney and Per Pettersen, focuses entirely on this pricing structure.

Advertisers contact CJ, with hopes of driving traffic to their website. They place their creative in ...» 0 Comments