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SearchFocus: MSN Joins the Gang
Monitoring Multiple Pay-Per-Click Campaigns May Prove a Balancing Act» 0 Comments
Cross-Media Case Study: Breaking The M-Word Taboo
eHarmony put marriage at the center of an online, TV, and radio campaign that sought to differentiate it from other online dating services.» 0 Comments
OMMA's Rising Stars 2005
Dedicated, passionate, and creative, this bunch juggles multiple objectives with aplomb. Savvy and determined problem-solvers, OMMA's Rising Stars of 2005 face a media landscape that is more fragmented than ever and must deploy integrated media across multiple platforms - online, wireless, TV, video-on-demand, radio, out-of-home, retail, print, and in ones that have yet to surface. They are young and dynamic leaders who aren't merely reshuffling the deck chairs, but re-calibrating basic assumptions about media. They have the chance to create the rules and standards for what may well be the hottest segment in marketing and media today.» 0 Comments
Q&A: Dale Strang
Executive Vice President and General Manager of IGN Entertainment» 0 Comments
Market Focus: Luring Women
Baby You Can Drive That Car» 0 Comments
OMMA'S Rising Stars on the Future of Media
Media disintegration, or reaggregation? The Web and digital technologies are leading factors driving both trends. Are they destructive, or constructive, or both? MediaPost's OMMA West Conference & Expo (June 6-7) explores this theme.» 0 Comments
Virtual Customer Interaction» 0 Comments
Media Circus: Replacing the Voice of God
With Dan Rather, Ted Koppel, Peter Jennings, and Tom Brokaw all hanging up their "Voice of God" (VOG) credentials (wondering, as they do, if anyone was listening anyway), it's strategizing time at the networks and even the cable channels. A slate of options are being presented by perky 30-something marketing types clutching Nielsens and demographic spreadsheets. Here's what they've come up with:» 0 Comments
Agency Profile: Merkley I.D.
Identifying a New Focus» 0 Comments
Behind the Numbers: Internet Integrity
Is the Internet Contributing to the Moral Delinquency of Our Children?» 0 Comments
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