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InternetUniversity: Deep Searches

Search engines strategists are constantly looking for new ways to expand their reach and improve the relevance of their searches. Google, for example, indexes more than 3 billion Web pages and returns results for 150 million searches a day. Advertisers who use Google have been able to take advantage of this phenomenon by buying spots at the top of every Google search where their advertisement might be relevant. According to Google these types of ads are up to five times more effective than the industry standard. However, Google is just searching the proverbial Web page surface.

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Commentary: Media for the Online World
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Best of the Net: Top Online Publishers
A few months ago we decided to salute the Best of the Net. In December, we honored the best online advertising campaigns. In January, we handed out the "e" Awards to top interactive advertising agencies. This month, since even the best agencies' most brilliant campaigns would never find the light of day without some sort of an ad vehicle, we're completing the equation by honoring the Best Online Publishers.» 0 Comments
Barbie Makes The Tween Scene
Despite Barbie’s mythic sway over generations of women, one marketplace reality for the doll’s maker, Mattel, is that the age span in which young girls play with Barbie has diminished considerably.» 0 Comments
Earthquake: Shaking Up the Advertising Landscape
While many of its competitors have been stuck in neutral, Earthquake has seen its billings more than double in the past two years, to approximately $20 million.» 0 Comments