Results for December 2001
  • Forecast 2002 Special Issue
    Push came to shove at the W Hotel in Manhattan on October 25th, where MEDIA Magazine had assembled 100 top media professionals to grapple with the most intractable--and chronic--issues impeding the progress of online advertising. Can't we just all get along?

    It was hard work. As the daylong conference moderator, I came with a sword but ultimately went looking for consensus. MEDIA Maga - < had imposed on each of the five group leaders and their panels an opening resolve that took a bold position on the topic at hand. For "Branding vs. Direct," we wanted to know whether ...

  • Research Behind the Numbers: Email Call
    A timely Forrester Research Brief points out that rising consumer fear about mail safety puts direct mail in jeopardy. It says that consumers are increasingly uneasy about opening mail in light of the postmaster general's announcement that anthrax bacteria could taint sealed postal mail.

    To compensate for consumer apprehension about the mail, says Forrester, marketers should consider using digital marketing to accomplish their business goals, especially with the onset of the holiday shopping season. And, at a time when direct mail is undergoing some frightening prospects, email marketing is emerging as a viable alternative.

    Forrester and other independent ...

  • Clickpicks:
    You can find absolutely everything you could possibly want to know about search engines on The information is divided into categories, and there is even a pay section of the site that provides members with additional info. The free portions of the site, however, are quite full of information and are very useful on their own.

    The Search Engine Submission Tips section explains how search engines find and rank web pages, with an emphasis on what webmasters can do to improve how search engines list their websites. This is the section of the site that is most important ...

  • Dispatches: It's Not All Bad
    Lately it seems like there's very little good news generated by the online advertising industry. "The industry is in a recession." "Layoffs abound." With statements such as these polluting headline after headline, I'm almost afraid to open my inbox every morning for fear of more bad news. Well, here is some good news for a change.

    First off, start-ups are infamous for their way of spending money in the past, but now it looks like they've finally changed their ways. According to the latest findings of Launch Pad, a San Francisco-based high-tech marketing consulting firm, and Blanc & Otus, ...