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Private Metrics: An Eye To The Keyhole
Search engine ‘spying’: hoping to improve ad campaign results

As online measurements go, search engine spying is a relatively new twist to helping marketers measure and hopefully improve the effectiveness of their online and even offline campaigns. Briefly, search engine spying boils down to this: search engines and portals, such as Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and others, track—real time—the search terms people are entering into their systems—that is, right now, as the searches are initiated. This way, it’s apparent if people are showing immediate interest in, say, “robots” or “angels.” The underlying reasoning is that people often turn to search ...» 0 Comments

FutureTool: AdPilot Version 1.1
Determining optimum return-on-investment (ROI) for online ad campaigns has been something of a holy grail since the web’s commercialization. With the release of Paramark’s AdPilot 1.1 (, step-by-step manual dissection of ad results, tedious and error-prone, may be relegated to the tasks of yesteryear. AdPilot’s automated tabulation and analysis functions deliver results and recommended courses of action in near real-time. Moreover, Paramark claims that the AdPilot is the first solution to automatically optimize online advertising across any mix of networks and websites. Paramark’s client roster includes online agencies and advertisers such as Exile on Seventh, Beyond Interactive, Mediasmith, FCB, Mass ...» 0 Comments
Instant messaging is all about chat: pop-up email in real-time. There are 18 million MSN messenger users, and big brand Yahoo is running close by, but AOL still leads the pack with over 40 million users. Additionally, its ICQ product, which has over 65 million registered users and more than 100,000 new registrations daily, has been called “our favorite instant messenger” by CNET for ease of use. In total, 656 million instant messages are sent each day through AOL’s Buddy Lists, AOL Instant Messenger, and ICQ services, which makes for numerous opportunities for advertisers occupying the available space within such ...» 0 Comments
MARKET FOCUS - Mid-Atlantic Region
The mid-Atlantic region, as defined in the Gartner Group’s regional website report of September 2000, encompasses Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey, and accounts for 14 percent of the nation’s population. Commercial activity centers around three metro locales: New York City, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Northern New Jersey also has many businesses that serve the New York Metro region, but its cultural presence is comparatively weak.

In household rankings, the Gartner report places this region third in average annual income, at $52,420, out of nine U.S. regions surveyed. Due largely to New York State’s large rural area relative to the ...» 0 Comments

A year ago, pundits, analysts, and trade press columnists frothed about the potential of wireless Net access. Despite these expert predictions, the American public has ignored the wireless web and the same experts now agree it’s not yet ready for prime time. Still, many ad planners and buyers are keeping the wireless web on their agenda. That’s understandable since wireless’ tightly targeted, affluent audience is alluring. Before you become a wireless advertising pioneer, however, here are six things to remember.

1.) Ignore claims that millions of people have Net-ready phones and are awaiting your message. Numbers are scarce, but ...» 0 Comments