Results for February 2008

It's All Relevant
Why not take a Web 2.0 approach to contextual advertising? Get Web surfers to do what they're already doing, but apply it to targeting and voilà: consumer-generated ad relevance.» 0 Comments
Hooking Up: LinkedIn
Ad execs use LinkedIn to network with colleagues, other execs, even target audiences. If you need ideas for a client's campaign, brainstorm with other professionals or ask buyers directly what ads they like via LinkedIn Answers.» 0 Comments
Get a Load of This
I could not believe my ears. "It's bad when our poo keeps sliding," the speaker said. Repeatedly. That really is bad, I couldn't help thinking.» 0 Comments
The Namesake
Domain name prospectors take some leaps. Buying the name to the tune of $10 million seems like one of the more reckless.» 0 Comments
Down the Tube
If you believe GroupM, the sky is definitely falling - on television advertising in the United Kingdom. However, TV executives in the United States don't have as much to fear.» 0 Comments
Kick Out the Jams
Though it takes about a minute to Google up a RapidShare or Torrent link to a new album, music providers still valiantly hope that today's consumer will pay for music with actual currency.» 0 Comments
Get Your Rocks Off
According to an Associated Press story, a 37-year-old model known only as Jane Doe has filed a $5 million lawsuit against jewelry company Szul Jewelry, Inc., claiming the company misled Doe about her appearance in its online video advertisement.» 0 Comments
Listen All Y'all
Showing its roots in skate culture, snowboarding behemoth Burton has thrown down the gauntlet in the war against restrictive ski resorts.» 0 Comments
5 Questions for Scot McLernon
Word to the wise: Don't let Scot McLernon make your bets for March Madness this month. During his two-and-a-half years as senior vice president of sales at CBS Interactive, McLernon brought all of CBS's Web properties under one umbrella, and successfully distracted cubicle toilers everywhere by streaming some 32 college basketball games online.» 0 Comments
Creative Roundtable: A Revolting Development
Will grossed-out moms help Agion clean up?» 0 Comments
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