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Log Off: Time for Spring Cleaning
A surge in search is a sign of how lost we feel online.» 0 Comments
Behind The Numbers: Eyeballing the Future of Web Video
Online video spending is up, but the picture remains unclear.» 0 Comments
Behavioral Focus: Target Behaviorally, Think Globally
The interest in behavioral targeting outside the U.S. isn't surprising.» 0 Comments
The Brand Side of Search
Could Google get knocked from search's top perch?» 0 Comments
Sales Focus: Sell the Brand, Not the Ad
Don't forget the users--oh, and stop calling them users.» 0 Comments
Markets Focus: Post-Graduate Women's Studies
Why are marketers missing the mark with this busy online audience?» 0 Comments
Industry Watch: Learning From the Movies
Engaging young eyeballs online? That's entertainment....» 0 Comments
Web U: Search Your Site for Answers
A quick and dirty guide to digging for info about your site --and others'.» 0 Comments
5 Questions for ValueClick Media's David A. Yovanno
Omma Editor Tobi Elkin talks to ValueClick Media's general manager, David A. Yovanno.» 0 Comments
Consoles at a Crossroads
Why are advertisers still so reluctant to pursue branding opportunities within video games? The biggest reason: There's still no third-party measurement and ratings support for this $10 billion industry.

Nielsen Interactive Entertainment promised a universal games ratings system by mid-2005, but Nielsen now says the system may not be ready until mid-2007. NIE senior vice president Michael Dowling admits the delay may keep some advertisers away from video games, but he insists there's a bright future for dynamic, in-game advertising in the next generation of game consoles.

As gamers trade in their old Xboxes and PlayStations for ...» 0 Comments

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