Results for October 2001

Who's Serving Your Ad
Since we started regularly running the Ad Network Watch in MEDIA Magazine, many networks have come and gone. Some lost funding. Some couldn’t drum up enough business to stay afloat. Some altered their business structure. Most networks have enhanced the capabilities of their ad serving technology, using it for their network and licensing it to others. To clarify the Ad Network Watch, we include only impression counts (in column three) for ads delivered by the network into their respective collection of sites. Most of the vendors claim significantly higher impressions served each month, choosing to combine the counts of their ...» 0 Comments
Expedia's Email Strategy
For most of 2001, online travel agents bucked the dot-com demise. Then came the airplane hijackings and attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Online bookings immediately dropped by more than half, and cancellations were substantial. Within a few days, though, transactions began to increase, which Richard Barton, Expedia’s president and CEO, characterized as an “encouraging indication of the resilience of the American spirit.”

The five-year-old company achieved profitability earlier this year. And through June, Expedia—rated the No. 1 online travel agent by and responsible for 25 percent of gross online bookings—took in total revenues of $78.5 ...» 0 Comments

Research Behind the Numbers: iMarketing
A recent report from Jupiter Media Metrix predicted that online ad spending in the United States will increase only 5 percent in 2001, but it will rebound and grow at a compound rate of 22 percent over the next five years, reaching a total of more than $15 billion by 2006. During the same time period, though, Jupiter says that spending on digital marketing initiatives will surpass that of advertising and reach more than $19 billion. According to Jupiter analysts, web publishers must diversify advertising and marketing opportunities beyond measured media to achieve marketing goals.

Jupiter points out that ...» 0 Comments

The Internet Bubble: Those Were the Days
Prodigy… PointCast… The Merc Center… Netscape… Softbank… Saying those words is like naming the Shades of Elysium as they come forward to speak to Aeneas on his journey to the Underworld. Great warriors of a mythical world covered by oceans of time.

When the very earliest advertising appeared online back in 1993 on proprietary services like Prodigy and CompuServe, no one took much notice at all. Most of the advertising world didn’t know what “online” even meant.

Sometimes when I talk about online media buying I feel like Dana Carvey’s “angry old man” character from his days on ...» 0 Comments