Around the Net In Brand Marketing Editions for March 2009
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Four-Year Sales Skid Accelerates For Soda Pop
Jollying The Downtrodden Masses Through Bleak Times
Detroit Left Wondering About Marketing Under Obama Plan
Carnival Uses Digital Aquariums As Bait For Passersby
Judge Tosses Cuba's Trademark Suit Over Havana Club Name
P&G Chairman Blasts Obama Tax Proposal
Parts Dealer Sues Ford Over Trademark Slogan
USAA, Apple Have Highest Net Promoter Score
Sara Lee Reviewing Offers For Household Products Division
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Monday, March 30, 2009
Wal-Mart Celebrates The Decade Of SpongeBob
Trade Shows: Where Brands Make A Stand
AT&T's Pretend Family Gets Tougher On Watching Phone Costs
Peugeot Citroen Dumps CEO Christian Streiff
Analysts Applaud Sara Lee's Makeover
Mars Rolling Out Fling With Plenty Of Double Entendres
Harrah's Leveraging Employees As A Marketing Medium
Skype's IPhone Software Will Compete With Wireless Carriers
U.S. Shreds Auto Plans; Waggoner Out At GM
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Friday, March 27, 2009
NAD Whacks Cablevision On Speed Claim
Wall Street Surges As Consumer Brands Strengthen
Gallup Says Consumer's Outlook Improving; Spending Rises
Tesla's Model S Could Be Out in 2011 For Less Than 50 Grand
Freda To Lead Estée Lauder; Promises Makeover
Snapple Riffs On 'Stuff' In Relaunch Campaign
Microsoft's New Message: PCs Are Cheaper Than Macs
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Thursday, March 26, 2009
Peachy News For Economy, Corporate Responsibility
KFC Fixes Potholes In Exchange For Stamp On Roadways
Disney Ties Ticket Sales To Planting A Tree In The Rain Forest
G2, Zyrtec Top New Product Sales in '08
New Tagline For Post Cereal: 'That Takes Grape Nuts'
Nestle Invests $15.6 Million In Sweet Leaf Tea
EU Court: Inbev Has No Exclusive Rights To Bud Trademark
Honda Launches Price War In Hybrid Vehicles
Online Age Quiz Is A Window For Drug Makers
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Wednesday, March 25, 2009
The Book You've Been 'But Waiting' For
Dell Introducing Enterprise Products With Eye Toward Design
Starbucks Rolling Out New Ice Cream
McDonald's Leaving Initial McCafe Promos Up to Franchisees
And Now, Some Trends From The Frontlines Of The New Frugality
Pepsi To Pare Plastic For Bottled Water
TiVo Makes Deal With Blockbuster
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Tata Will Meet Demand For $2,000 Car Through Lottery
With Sales Up 28% In U.S., BMW Mini Offering New Models
Developers Admire Palm Pre's WebOS
MIT's AgeLab Designs For Lifestyles Of The Future
McDonald's Testing Big Mac Tortilla Snack Wrap
Airfare War Not So Bad For Airlines
A Rising Market For Condoms?
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Monday, March 23, 2009
Apple Shines In 2009 Brandjunkie Awards
Powerade Pegs Gatorade As Less 'Complete'
Polar Opposites: Management And Marketing, Say The Rieses
Starbucks Faces Existential Crisis In Downturn
Despite Praise, Alcoholism Drug Meets Resistance
Skype Targets Businesses To Ring Up New Revenue
P&G's Lafley Sees CEOs As Links To Outside World
AIG Brand, Once Golden, Is Now A Liability
Drug Industry Advocates Join Chorus To Split FDA
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Friday, March 20, 2009
Cisco Buying Flip Camcorder Marketer For $590 Million
Miller Lite Reprising Traditional Pitch: 'Tastes Great'
Rivals Quickly Respond To Southwest's Fare Reductions
Q&A: Clorox Promotes 'Stylish Disinfecting'
How Does Sigg Get Away With Charging $25 For A Water Bottle?
Perry Ellis Taking 'Steps To Survive'
New Tampax Campaign Uses Candor And Humor
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Thursday, March 19, 2009
CEO Schultz Fights Starbucks' 'Poster Child for Excess' Image
NAD: Excedrin's Claim Of 15-Minute Headache Relief Is Hooey
China's Coke Decision Threatens to Chill Investment
GM Working On More-Affordable Volts; Says Saturn's Still Here
Kellogg CEO Mackay Wants Overhaul Of Food Safety Regs
Crocs Auditor Questions Whether Plastic Shoe Maker Can Survive
Brit Fast Fooders Ringing Up Sales With 2-for-1 Promotions
Around the Net In Brand Marketing - Wednesday, March 18, 2009
AIG Is Losing Trust With Consumers
Geico Refuses To Kash Out With Cheap Talk
IPhone Software Will Allow Developers To Charge Extra
World Bank Report Calls Trade Barrier Trend 'Worrying'
Cost-Cutting Consumers Crave Cell Phones; Could Cancel Cable
Higher Costs Eat Into General Mills' Profit
China Blocks Coke's Bid For Juice Company
Discovery Sues Amazon Over Kindle
IBM In Talks To Buy Sun; Seeks To Strengthen Position Against HP
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