• Chrysler And Ford Announce Recalls
    Ford says it is recalling 14,737 2011 F-Series trucks, Edge and Lincoln MKX vehicles after two F-150's caught fire at a Dearborn, Mich., assembly plant in recent weeks. The automaker will look into a part that could develop a short. The parts were made over a six- day period by supplier Lear's Mexican plant. Chrysler is recalling 144,000 vehicles, which would raise its 2010 total to 1.6 million. The company is recalling 65,180 Dodge Journeys and 56,611 Ram trucks.
  • P&G's Pampers Talks To Hispanics With 'Miracle' Plug
    The effort, which supports Latina moms, involves the Madrinas network that aims to help Hispanic moms with information via a mobile platform. Moms can join the network at Facebook.com/PampersLatino. A national sweepstakes asks Hispanic parents to share what makes their baby a "miracle." The grand prize winner will receive a $5,000 grant for their baby. The new program follows TV spots that launched in November as well as a mommy blog and a video series. There was also a grassroots effort in L.A., involving artists Retna and El Mac at MacArthur Park Primary Center, a pre-school …
  • Source: Kraft Puts Out RFP For Gevalia
    Kraft is looking for new things to do with its Gevalia coffee and coffeemakers, a source says, as Starbucks looks to nix its distribution deal with Kraft, in which Kraft has been distributor of Starbucks coffee at retail. Until now, Gevalia has been limited to direct mail and direct response TV advertising, but sources say Kraft will power up Gevalia and increase its media commitment to the brand because the company will no longer be handling Starbucks. Kraft is therefore is looking for agencies to pitch Gevalia and has RFPs to its incumbent Interpublic's Draftfcb, as …
  • Bacardi USA Uses Big Boats To Pull Little Boats
    Bacardi USA is using Bacardi Rum, Grey Goose and Dewar's White Label as centerpiece brands in a holiday campaign to promote all of its spirits, including its lesser-known ones like Cazadores Tequila, Disaronna and Seven Tiki Rum. The two-month holiday campaign includes in-store promotions, print, and social media. The "Mix & Share" effort focuses on holiday entertaining tips, food pairing and cocktail recipes requiring different kinds of spirits (Bacardi's of course) and includes a 24-page Bacardi-branded holiday entertainment and mixing guide available through a variety of media.
  • New Logos That Work Well Must Travel Well
    Among the better brand logo redesigns last year were PWC, by Wolf Olins, whose typeface fits multimedia because it looks good in all sizes, shapes and shades; Comedy Central, also a winner because its new logo, a take on the copyright symbol, both riffs on capitalist America and travels well between media; Chiquita wins for best crowd-sourced logo.
  • Soon The Only Kodachrome Processor Will Be Paul Simon
    Today, the last photo studio in the world that processes Kodachrome will be shuttered. The studio, in Parsons, Kan., will be sold for scrap. Dozens of visitors and thousands of overnight packages have been sent to the studio in recent weeks. One visitor was a railroad worker who picked up 1,580 rolls of film that cost him $15,798 to develop. Another, perhaps more amazing pilgrimage was a woman from London who flew to Wichita, then drove to the studio to turn in three rolls of film and shoot five more before the deadline. "Mama don't take my..." aw, …
  • Chrysler Back On Top, At Least With Minivans
    Chrysler will probably cross the finish line in first place this year, at least for minivans. The Town & Country, which actually invented the segment a quarter century ago, is on track to roll into 102,495 garages this year. That's well above Honda Odyssey at 98,035, and Toyota Sienna (89,509 and Dodge Grand Caravan at 89,057.
  • USDA To Require Meat Labels In 2012
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture will soon require that 40 of the most commonly purchased cuts of poultry, pork, beef, and lamb will have to carry nutritional labels. The rule is slated to go into effect Jan. 1, 2012, so you have a year to figure out without a label that the red stuff is MEAT.
  • Um, Kid, Did You Pay For That App?
    Consumers, especially young ones, have no problem shelling out for digital content and programs. A new Survey from the Pew Research Center finds that the typical Internet user paid about $10 per month for content music, games, software and apps. The biggest spenders paid $47 per month. Jim Jansen, who led the study, said the challenge is finding the right price for digital versions of formerly physical products like CDs. Younger consumers, however, don't have a problem with paying physical money for virtual products. "There is a segment of younger folks who have grown up with iTunes …
  • New Year's Eve Parties Are Going To Be Big This Year
    Good news for restaurants, hotels, stores (and possibly makers of nausea medication, emetics, stomach pumps and stretchers): people are going to party hardy this weekend. The National Association for the Specialty Food Trade says members are seeing brisk sales of gourmet items this year. Earlier this month, the National Retail foundation boosted its sales projections to 3.3% over last year.
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