• Heineken Receives Praise For 'Anti Pepsi' Social Experiment
    Weeks after Pepsi was raked over the coals for its protest spot, Heineken is receiving praise for its effort to bring differently minded people together to hash out their perspectives over a beer. The four-minute spot is being praised for its sensible and sensitive approach to social issues.
  • HSBC Appoints Former Mondelez Exec To Head Marketing
    HSBC has appointed former senior Mondelez International executive Leanne Cutts as group head of marketing, succeeding Chris Clark, who is leaving the bank after 15 years. Cutts, who takes up the role this month, was president for gum, candy and beverages in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. When he departs next week, Clark will be the latest in a line of senior marketers to leave HSBC over the past 18 months.
  • Dos Equis' New Most Interesting Man Featured In Cinco De Mayo Effort
    Dos Equis is bringing back its new Most Interesting Man for Cinco de Mayo. It's the first time for the new spokesman since the the brand retired the old Most Interesting Man last year and then revealed his replacement in September with a follow-up spot in October. The beer maker wants revelers to "trade in their sombreros" and celebrate a little more adventurously.
  • Kind Foundation Launches Social Campaign
    A new digital tool disrupts homogeneous news feeds by connecting US Facebook users to people outside their filter bubbles. "Pop Your Bubble" is funded by The KIND Foundation, the non-profit arm of the granola bar company, which works to foster kinder and more empathetic communities. The tool prompts users to "follow" Facebook users who have been identified by an algorithm as your demographic opposite.
  • BMW Ad Banned In UK For Promoting Car's Speed
    BMW ran a print ad in Great Britain's Telegraph Magazine in January promoting the fastest accelerating car BMW's ever built-the M760Li xDrive. Appropriately, the tagline BMW used communicated the "velvet hammer" thesis of the V-12 executive sedan pretty well, reading: "Luxury just lost its manners." British advertising watchdog, the Advertising Standards Authority, has banned the ad from running again.
  • Marketing Tech Firm Zeta Global Gets $140M
    Marketing tech firm Zeta Global just raised $140 million in a Series F round of funding. If you’re not familiar with Zeta, “The company’s focus is squarely on big enterprise customers in the Fortune 1000 league,” TechCrunch writes. “Its customers include the likes of Sprint, UPS, IKEA, American Airlines, British Airways, PayPal and the NFL, and its product portfolio spans the gamut from CMR services to multi-channel marketing solutions.”
  • Trump Says He Will Renegotiate NAFTA
    In separate phone calls, President Trump told Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that he intends to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, rather than pull out of the deal entirely. During the campaign, he had called the 1994 agreement the worst trade deal ever signed by the United States.
  • Apple Services On Track To Top $7 Billion This Quarter
    Apple Inc. is expected to report revenue fueled by the iPhone 7 Plus and continued growth in services. While the iPhone remains Apple's biggest top-line contributor by far, services such as Apple Care and Apple Music surpassed the Mac last year. The company forecast that Apple's services revenue would double by 2020.
  • Starbucks Plans Chicago Roastery
    Starbucks plans to open a four-level Roastery flagship in Chicago, its largest space yet for the high-end concept that the coffee giant is rolling out around the world. The Roastery is an interactive format where customers can see rare, small-batch Reserve beans roasted, brewed and packaged. It will be the third Roastery in the U.S. Locations in Shanghai, Milan and Tokyo are planned.
  • Nordstrom Sells Jeans Caked In Fake Dirt
    If you have $425 and want to look like you've rolled in the dirt, head to Nordstrom. The retailer is selling "mud-stained" jeans. It's not clear what that substance is, but it doesn't wash out. The knees, pockets and crotch of the jeans appear bear most of the faux brown muck. Once again, the social media barometer registered a definite "no" for the bizarre pants.
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