• Cruise's Troubles Not Reflective Of Autonomous Sector
    General Motors' self-driving taxi service Cruise has ceased operations nationwide after California regulators revoked its license due to public safety concerns. GM has faced substantial losses, with Cruise accounting for $732 million of GM's third-quarter losses. But while the company has faced setbacks, the broader autonomous driving vehicle industry has been steadily advancing,  Edge Case CEO Michael Wagner tell Yahoo Finance. He believes Cruise's suspension "is a symptom of poor safety culture at Cruise specifically" rather than the whole sector. 
  • Forever 21 Partners With Shein
    Two big brands of fast fashion -- shopping mall standby Forever 21 and Singapore-based Shein -- are partnering. "Under the terms of the deal, the global online retailer of value-priced fashions will design, manufacture and distribute a line of Forever 21  apparel and accessories for men and women," per Chain Store Age. "The categories will include sportswear, activewear and swimwear and others."
  • Abercrombie & Fitch Sued Over Former CEO's Alleged Misconduct
    Abercrombie & Fitch is being sued for not checking CEO Mike Jeffries, who’s accused of running a sex trafficking ring and sexually abusing young men. "The lawsuit, which is seeking class action status, claims more than 100 men were sexually abused by Jeffries under the guise it would land them modeling contracts," per CNBC. "Jeffries left the company in 2014 and Abercrombie has since made a comeback on Wall Street."
  • FDA Warns Against Non-Sterile Eye Drops
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning that 26 over-the-counter eye drop products including those sold under store brands such as CVS, Target and Rite Aid, could lead to a serious eye infection resulting in vision loss or blindness due to microbial contamination. The agency found “insanitary conditions in the manufacturing facility and positive bacterial test results from environmental sampling of critical drug production areas in the facility” and is recommending the products be recalled.
  • Patagonia Offers Parka Made From Trash
    A new Patagonia jacket, the Stormshadow Parka, is made from fibers derived from this ocean-bound plastic. "This jacket reflects how far sustainable-material innovation has come over the past few years," per Fast Company. "There was a time when recycled fabrics were not as effective as those made from virgin fibers. But with this jacket, Patagonia makes the case that fabrics made from marine waste can be just as high-performing and technologically advanced as any other materials on the market."
  • Adidas Gave Kanye West Many Chances Before Break
    Kanye West (who now goes by "Ye") had a testy relationship from the get go. "When the company ended the relationship last October, it appeared to be the culmination of weeks of Mr. West’s inflammatory public remarks — targeting Jews and disparaging Black Lives Matter — and outside pressure on the brand to cut ties," per The New York Times. "But it was also the culmination of a decade of Adidas’s tolerance behind the scenes."
  • Deepak Chopra Gets Involved In Wellness Tourism
    Deepak Chopra is venturing into the wellness tourism category. The well-known leader in preventive health care has created an integrative health company and multiyear partnership with Swan Hellenic, a luxury cruise company. "The partnership marks Swan Hellenic’s first endeavor into wellness tourism," per Fortune. "The luxury cruise line, born in the 1950s and relaunched in 2020, will combine its detailed trip itineraries and on-boat services with well-being education and activities created by Chopra and his team."
  • Victoria's Secret Brings Back Sexy
    Victoria's Secret is returning to what works in an effort deemed to be "inclusive sexiness." The prime objective is to improve profitability. "That means investing in new categories, including activewear and swim, updating its nearly 1,400 Victoria’s Secret and Pink stores and opening 400 new locations outside North America," per CNN's Business of Fashion. "Costs will also be cut and, judging from the messaging at the investors presentation, fewer risks taken when it comes to the brand’s image."
  • Chipotle Explains Online-Only Quesadilla
    Chipotle makes its quesadilla-loving customers earn it. The simplest to make item is also the hardest to order -- it can only be done online. "The main problem with ordering a quesadilla at Chipotle is that whomever takes your order has to prep the quesadilla with its cheese and meat," per Fast Company. "Then, they need to leave that front line, and walk to the back of the store to put it in the oven. They might forget about it there while juggling other orders, or they could wait for it to be done, then walk back to the line."
  • Starbucks, Union Sue Each Other Over Israeli-Palestinian Issues
    Starbucks filed a complaint and sent a cease-and-desist letter to stop its union using its name and logo. The union had posted a “Solidarity with Palestine” image on the social media site X. "Meanwhile, in response, Workers United has filed its own counterclaim against Starbucks in the Eastern District court of Pennsylvania, seeking declaratory judgment so that the union may continue to use the Starbucks Workers United name and logo," per Nation's Restaurant News
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