• Pot Ads On The Freeway? Lawmakers Wrangle Over Legalization's Result
    Comedian Tommy Chong's image grinned from a freeway billboard near Sacramento in recent months, promoting the counterculture icon's brand of marijuana to passing motorists. But now a campaign has begun to outlaw such ads from all state highways, threatening to block entrepreneurs taking advantage of newly legalized pot in California.
  • Automakers Aren't Really Advertising Electric Vehicles
    One reason EVs aren't selling might be that they're not being advertised. The Sierra Club commissioned a study that tracked automotive ads in 2015. The result: manufacturers advertise their gasoline-powered vehicles far more than for their electric-powered cars. Maybe the introduction of the Chevy Bolt and Chrysler Pacifica will change the ad landscape next year.
  • Rumors Already Circulating About Apple 8
    Samsung Display reportedly will become the exclusive supplier of AMOLED panels for use in iPhone devices to be launched in 2017 and can supply 20 million units maximum a month. Apple will launch 4.7-, 5.5- and 5.8-inch new iPhone models in second-half 2017. Global shipments are estimated at 60-70 million units, the sources noted.
  • Former Hardee's Actress Discusses Sexist Ads
    Women's rights advocates, Democrats and labor organizations have criticized CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder's appointment as labor secretary, not least because of the depiction of women in his company's advertising. Puzder has repeatedly defended the ads, claiming he wanted to appeal to a young, male demographic.
  • Ford's Self-Driving Car Gets Smarter
    Ford plans to debut an upgraded version of its self-driving Ford Fusion Hybrid sedan, one with more advanced sensors, more computing power and proprietary software that helps the car think for itself. The automaker's self-driving prototype has a brain located in the trunk that processes data collected by a host of high-tech sensors that can see the road.
  • Lyft Reveals Most Popular Destinations Of Year
    The second annual "Lyftie Awards" highlight Lyft's most popular destinations, including restaurants, bars, hotels, transit stops and event venues. Airports were the No. 1 drop-off category, with Lyft being available at 96 airports. San Francisco International Airport was the most popular airport destination of the year.
  • What America Ate, Drank And Saw In 2016
    A look at Foursquare City Guide and Foursquare Swarm data helps to recap the zaniest of food and drink trends and the major changes in travel patterns. Filipino and Mediterranean were the cuisines to try, tourism spiked to Cuba after Obama eased travel restrictions, Americans obsessed over frozen delights, and Trump-branded properties saw a drop in visits.
  • VW To Launch Ride-Sharing Service In Rwanda
    Volkswagen is debuting its new ride-hailing service in Rwanda alongside larger plans to set up car assembly operations in the East African nation, weeks after doing the same in Kenya. The carmaker, which has been rocked by a series of emissions scandals, has now put Africa on its radar with investments targeting different countries on the continent.
  • Even Sony Music Is Making Video
    Record labels aren't just record labels anymore; they can be video producers, too. Sony Music Entertainment launched an original video division nearly two years ago entirely dedicated to creating original series for digital publishers, streaming platforms and TV. To date, Sony Music Originals has released three shows online.
  • Disney, Lucasfilm, Other Brands Mourn Loss of Carrie Fisher
    Disney and Lucasfilm execs pay tribute to actress Carrie Fisher, who will appear in the next Star Wars movie and who makes a throwback digital appearance as Princess Leia in current blockbuster Rogue One. Cinnabon deletes a tweet and apologizes after Fisher tribute offends some. Fisher's brand endorsements over the years include "Coping With Humans" for IBM Watson (2016, directed by Ridley Scott) and Jenny Craig (2011).
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