• Pepperidge Farm Touts Stone-baked Artisan Rolls In New Campaign
    Pepperidge Farm on Tuesday will start promoting a new line of Stone Baked Artisan Rolls. The effort uses ZipList, the online shopping list and recipe service, to allow users who click on ads promoting the rolls to add them to an online shopping list.
  • Nokia Will Market Windows Phones Overseas
    Microsoft will get a boost from Nokia's major campaign to tout its own Lumina and Windows Phone products. The Finnish company, which sells hundreds of millions of phones a year and has fostered close working relationships with network operators around the globe, has launched a Web, TV, and cinema push for the phones. Tag: "The Amazing Everyday."
  • Cincinnati Gets A Marketer
    Denyse Ferguson is Cincinnati's marketing chief, charged with making the city a center of excellence for consumer marketing.
  • DreamWorks Animation Extends CMO Anne Globe's Contract
    DreamWorks Animation has extended the employment contract of chief marketing officer Anne Globe. She will continue to have responsibility for all global marketing activity, including corporate brand building, as well as theatrical, television and ancillary marketing efforts for all of DreamWorks Animation's properties. The company disclosed in a regulatory filing that her new contract runs through Jan. 1, 2014, with the studio having an option to extend it by a year.
  • Haggar Makes Comeback
    The 85-year-old men's clothing manufacturer Haggar, which made the term "slacks" current, has an ad campaign slated to roll out over the next several months. It also has an eco-friendly line of pants, "Life Khaki," that it is pitching to a younger consumer.
  • Axe 'Angels' Ad Offends Christians
    An Axe deodorant ad that features sexy angels has religious people up in arms. South Africa has banned a television commercial featuring angels falling from the sky and tossing away their haloes in order to get intimate with a guy wearing Axe. The gals fall from the sky in an Italian village in order to find and smell the man who has caused them to leave Heaven.
  • Not A Marketing Brief, But Just Because It's Halloween...
    Okay, this isn't a marketing story, but it's almost Halloween, so you gotta see these strangely eerie photos from a new book comprising nothing but vintage photos of people in Halloween costumes. Appropriately, the introduction is by filmmaker David Lynch.
  • Why Funny TV Ads Work
    The bottom line is that funny ads attract attention. Chances are, if people are talking about ads, it's because there is a punch line. "Among my friends, I've been keen to share everything from the slapstick comedy of the Papermate Profile, to the wry humor of the Mac versus PC ads, to the gentle whimsy of Coca-Cola's Vending Machine, and the pun from this Berlitz ad," says Nigel Hollis, chief global analyst at Millward Brown, who wrote the column. "Even if you have seen them before, you would probably be happy to watch most of those ads again. That alone …
  • Coffee Wars Reheat
    Patrick Hanlon, CEO of consultancy ThinkTopia, writes that new ventures are challenging Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.
  • VW Makes Big Earnings Numbers, On Track To Be Global Leader
    Confirming it is on track to become the global sales leader Volkswagen revealed it had also hit one out of the park, tripling its net profit for the third quarter of 2011.
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