• Kraft Heinz Names Executives
    Leading up to the creating of the merged Kraft Heinz Co., the new organization unveiled its senior leadership team, with Heinz employees taking many of the top executive positions. Among them, Paulo Basilio will serve as executive vice president and CFO, reprising his position at Heinz. Matt Hill will continue as Heinz Europe zone president. Jane Hilk, will be CMO and president, Beverages & Snack Nuts.
  • Fiat Chrysler Makes Unusual Recall Move
    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is telling owners of 65 new 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos to immediately stop driving the vehicles and is recalling a total of 7,690 SUVs. The issue is installed suspension components that were not correctly treated by a supplier for high temperatures. FCA also is planning to call the owners of the 65 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos. The other 7,625 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos have not been sold. They are either on dealer lots or are on their way to dealers.
  • Online Grocery Shoppers Buying More
    More than half of online grocery shoppers say they are increasing the amount of total grocery shopping they do online, according to results of a new survey. The survey, conducted by 72 Point Inc. and commissioned by online organic grocer Door to Door Organics, found that online shoppers increased virtual grocery  shopping by an average of 29% over the last year total weekly grocery shopping is done online.
  • Gap To Make Big TImes Square Move
    Gap Inc. will take over most of a gigantic, perfectly located store in New York’s Times Square that’s being vacated by Toys R Us in early 2017. The store at 1514 Broadway will be divided up to accommodate flagship locations for both Gap and Old Navy stores, said Sean Piazza, a spokesman for the San Francisco company. The two stores each will be about 31,000 square feet, with separate entrances. Goodbye indoor ferris wheel!
  • Female Restaurant Owners See Bias
    Women still face hurdles for advancement in the restaurant industry, according to panelists at the Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace in Dallas. There is more gender equality in the industry, but perceptions of challenges remain. The event was called “Cutting Through the Glass Ceiling.” The National Restaurant Association last year found that more than 45% of U.S. restaurant managers were women, compared with 38% in other industries.
  • The Man Who Saved Southwest Airlines With Big Idea
    In 1971, Southwest had four airplanes going to a mere three destinations, all in Texas. After losing $1.6 million in 1972, the company was down to three planes. Bill Franklin, VP of ground operations, saved the company with a simple idea: unload and load passengers faster than any of the other airlines, and get the planes back aloft, a strategy that came to be known as the "10-Minute Turn." Southwest has been profitable ever since. Franklin died this month at age 88.
  • Social Media Sort-Of Uproar Over Hasbro's Gender Choice For Dinosaurs
    Hasbro rebranded all of its Jurassic World toys as males in advertising for its new line of action figures. But in the movie franchise Jurassic Park dinosaurs are bred to be female. So dinosaur expert Dustin Growick, host of the YouTube series The Dinosaur Show, has started a Care2 petition "to tell Hasbro to stop reinforcing silly and antiquated gender role stereotypes on children and stop gender swapping dinosaurs."
  • Google's Self Driving Car Gets Art Treatment
    Google is just rolling out the first of its autonomous vehicle prototypes, two-seaters that look like a cross between an old Volkswagen Beetle and a tin can. But they aren't exactly pretty. Thus the company has launched a competition, dubbed a "moving art experiment," aimed at transforming those bubble cars into rolling works of art. The official theme is, "my community, my neighbors." Up to 10 different entries will be selected and the winners will get to see their work on Google cars.
  • Lean Cuisine Pivots Away From Diet Marketing
    Lean Cuisine is making a major shift away from diet meals, having conceded that "diets are dead," as brand manager Chris Flora puts it. The Nestle brand is launching new advertising, packaging, and frozen entree options designed to link Lean Cuisine to modern, healthy eating, versus calorie counting. New meals include sweet and spicy korean style beef; Vermont white cheddar mac and cheese; and pomegranate chicken.
  • Modelez Using Holographic Displays In Grocery Stores
    Modelez International, through a partnership with News America Marketing, is running holographic displays in Price Chopper, K-Mart, and Food Lion. The first of its kind to be displayed in U.S. grocery stores, the installations support Mondelez's #PassTheLove soccer campaign. The effort spotlights Ritz, Trident and Chips Ahoy as Official Snacks of U.S. Soccer. The illusion of a floating advertisement can be seen in aisles.
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