• Five Questions With Atkins CMO
    Atkins Nutritionals has been ahead of the “diet” game for decades. Only in the past several years has mainstream science about weight loss and healthy eating finally caught up with the principles of high protein and low carbohydrate consumption that Dr. Robert Atkins laid out 40 years ago.
  • Vets Drive Luxury Private Taxis
    After driving an armored vehicle along dusty, IED-rigged roads of Iraq and Afghanistan, navigating luxury vehicles through the streets of New York and London is a breeze for a growing team of chauffeurs whose transition to civilian life is being eased by an international startup.
  • Nationwide's Slogan Distinguishes The Brand
    Today, few companies can boast that they have remained loyal to their messaging from a campaign born in the 1960s. The words themselves are hardly even necessary anymore; Peyton Manning needs only to hum Nationwide’s infectious jingle for commercial viewers to recognize it.
  • Putting IBM Marketing Under The Microscope
    IBM’s marketing cloud efforts might have been overshadowed by the likes of Adobe, Salesforce and Oracle in more recent times, but the vendor was in fact one of the first enterprise vendors to spy the massive opportunity for technology, analytics and automation in the marketing function.
  • NRA's Ad Campaign Takes Strong Stance
    The National Rifle Association’s new ad campaign includes NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre describing Western Europe as a place where people must defend themselves using “rolling pins and broom handles” and country music legend Charlie Daniels speaking directly to the ayatollahs of Iran.
  • Online Alcohol Marketing Leads To Teen Drinking In Europe
    Adolescents in Europe may be just as susceptible to online alcohol marketing as their counterparts elsewhere, according to a recent study in four countries that links the ads with kids' likelihood of drinking and of binge drinking.
  • VW, Toyota Jump On Ride-Sharing Bandwagon
    With Toyota and Volkswagen following General Motors' lead, now all three of the world's biggest automakers are actively building a presence in the ride-sharing business and even taking stakes in it via their partnerships with Uber, Gett and Lyft, respectively.
  • 'Fast And The Furious' Back In First Gear For 15th Anniversary
    As Vin Diesel, playing Dom Toretto, said in 2001's 'The Fast and the Furious,' "Let's go for a little ride." Universal Pictures is doing exactly that by re-releasing in theaters the original film on the same day, June 22, it was released 15 years ago, with multi-media marketing support.
  • Red Bull, GoPro Partner
    GoPro's product and brand will have access to more than 1800 Red Bull events across more than 100 countries, the companies will share content rights on co-productions, and related content will be distributed across both Red Bull and GoPro's digital distribution networks.
  • Kia Brings Back Hamsters
    In agency David&Goliath's latest pop culture-infused campaign, a lone guitar player kicks off the melody to "Dueling Banjos." A cherry red Kia Soul pulls up alongside him, and his tune is joined by a banjo, played by a country-clad hamster with an easy grin.
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