• 7 Best Ads That Went Unseen In 2014
    What do cops and robbers, food porn, high-flying granddaughters, 1970s American TV actors and Motown classics have in common? Not much, except that they're all featured in the best global advertising you didn't see this past year. Mashable compiled a top-seven list of catchy, witty, beautiful, memorable international ads here. The list could go on and on, especially if Japan keeps churning out catvertising fever dreams like the one at the jump.
  • Twitter Feed To 'Bae' Sayers: Stop!
    Brands getting sassy and slangy with their tweets definitely created one of 2014's more dubious digital marketing trends, but the cuteness seems to be fading fast. For evidence, look no further than the hottest Twitter feed of the moment, @BrandsSayingBae, which (as of this writing) was approaching 10,000 followers in just two days and has generated the attention of everyone from The Verge to Time.
  • Vegetarian White Castle Burgers On The Slide
    White Castle, a fast-food chain known for its tiny hamburgers, said it would offer a vegetarian version of its famous slider for 99 cents for a limited time. The meatless burgers have 150 to 270 calories - more than the 140 to 220 calories for the regular beef sliders. Customers may choose from three sauces: honey mustard, ranch and sweet Thai.
  • Online Shopping Test Expands At Kroger
    It allows a shopper to buy groceries online then collect their bags at at a pickup window without entering the store. Available only at a Liberty Township store, Kroger has invited dozens of customers to try the service. So far, Kroger has only allowed store employees at the 7300 Yankee Road Marketplace to use the service in early testing that began in September. The service allows shoppers to buy thousands of items.
  • Axe Expands Line With White Label
    With the White Label launch - centered on the idea that "how you feel says it all" - Axe is striking a broader take on confidence that reflects the mindset of the modern man. Axe White Label products are available in four variants - Night, Forest, Island and Air. Consisting of a new Dry Spray antiperspirant, as well as an antiperspirant solid, body wash, 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioner, style refresher and cooling style cream, the White Label line features entirely new packaging.
  • Best Ads Are Strong Story Tellers
    The best ads of 2014 share one literary trait: They tell stories - beautifully. Sometimes these stories are visual picnics. Some stir in haunting music that you find yourself inexplicably humming while brushing your teeth. Some hit just the right cultural chord. And some are simply clever as heck. For the most part, these five are all of that. From bottom to top, here are Bruce Horovitz' picks for the Top Five ads of 2014.
  • Shisheido Going Gaga
    Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido has enlisted Lady Gaga for its 2015 New Year's Ad Campaign, and it's taking an unorthodox approach. WWD reports that on Jan. 1, newspapers across Japan will run ads featuring 46 different shots of her face, with four more to follow on Jan. 5-and all of the images will be selfies. Guess that's a way to cut down on hiring pricy photographers, no?
  • With Car-Sharing Programs Up, Car Sales Could Drop
    An increase in car-sharing activity to 5% of all journeys could halve U.S. car sales, according to metrics from Ark Investment Management. Helping that along are the new Audi Unite, which allows up to five people to share use of a car, and the established services like Zipcar, Uber and Lyft. France's Bollor Group is already operating car clubs in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. Recently, the company announced plans to roll out 3,000 Renault-built Bluecar electric cars onto London's streets by 2016 as part of a huge car-sharing project.
  • 'The Interview' Cleans Up After All
    Sony Pictures said "The Interview" has earned more than $15 million in online sales, and another $2.8 million in theaters, not so much because it's a good movie (RottenTomatoes.com, which aggregates reviews and averages their ratings, gives it a tepid 52%) but because people love controversy. The film made almost as much money through online distribution and in limited theaters in its opening weekend as it would have in a wide release.
  • Dodge Focuses On Muscle, Moves Away From Family Car
    Since Fiat took control of Chrysler Group, the company has been moving the Group's Dodge brand toward performance, an effort to appeal to Millennials looking for some automotive excitement. The brand moved Ram out, got rid of the minivan in the lineup, and brought the Viper back under the Dodge umbrella. The Charger SRT Hellcat evinces where the brand wants to go. The company calls it the fastest production sedan on earth.
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