• Sprint CEO Says Unlimited Data Won't Be Around Forever
    Unlimited data isn't exactly a profit engine. Why not charge for data? Consumers won't like that, but that won't stop wireless companies from doing it. Sprint, which has been marketing on unlimited data will probably also cave to the cash. Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said as much to audiences at the Code conference this week in California.
  • Government Polls Automakers On Cybersecurity
    It has to happen. Now that cars are connected devices on wheels, many with wifi capability, and the business moving to autonomous technology, U.S. lawmakers are asking the auto industry how it deal with cybersecurity threats. Members of the House's Energy and Commerce committee sent letters to the top executives of 17 automakers in the U.S. and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with questions.
  • Royal Mail Sends Out RFPs For Campaign
    Royal Mail is speaking with creative agencies about a new brand campaign in the U.K. Pitches for the project are due to take place in early June. The process will not affect Royal Mail's existing agency relationship with Beta. The agency has held the integrated advertising account since 2011, when it beat J. Walter Thompson London, McCann London, MWO and Y&R Brands in a pitch. Publicis Chemistry will continue to handle the direct marketing account.
  • Yum! To Roll Out Delivery At Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut
    Taco Bell and KFC may introduce delivery this year, while Yum! Brands' other unit, Pizza Hut, is working on a "next generation" delivery experience scheduled to roll out next year. This year, Taco Bell will start testing delivery on college campuses. The Irvine, Calif.-based chain is talking with a number of delivery companies to evaluate the best plan.
  • McDonald's Will Stop Sharing Monthly Sales Numbers
    As of April, McDonald's global same-store sales had shrunk for 11 consecutive months worldwide. The company, therefore, has good reason to do what many other retailers have done: stop releasing monthly sales numbers. In 2009, Walmart decided to give up reporting monthly same-store sales. So have chains like Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, not to mention Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Chipotle, and Starbucks.
  • Genderless Underwear Uses Mastectomy Patients As Models
    Genderless underwear company Play Out launched a campaign featuring as models breast cancer survivors who have had double mastectomies without reconstruction. The point is to make us rethink fashion and gender, while also reminding us of the prevalence of the disease. Play Out owner Abby Sugar features her friends, one of whom has a support group called FlatTopper Pride that collaborated on the project.
  • Jawbone Sues Fitbit Ahead Of Rival's IPO
    Consumer electronics company Jawbone has sued rival Fitbit in California State Court for "systematically plundering" trade secrets. The suit says Fitbit poached Jawbone employees who had access to confidential information and took steps to download this information before leaving the company. The suit says Fitbit has recruited an estimated 30% of Jawbone's workforce since early 2015.
  • Prudential's Mobile Card Game Asks Odds Of Living To 100
    Prudential is playing a game of odds with new digital campaigns, via Droga5, to get people to enjoy thinking actuarially. The "Game of Odds" mobile and online card game prompts players to look at the odds of unlikely situations - such as dating a supermodel or dying from a falling vending machine - and order them from least likely to happen to most likely to happen.
  • FCC Proposes Rights To Let People Block Telemarketing Calls And Text
    FCC Chair Tom Wheeler has proposed closing some loopholes in order to cut down on robot calls and telemarketing messages. It would give consumers the ability to tell their phone company - wireless or landline - that they revoke their consent to receive these calls. The rule would also give telecom providers the ability to introduce "Do Not Disturb" technology that consumers could use to stop unwanted robocalls.
  • Chevy Adding Apple CarPlay And Android Auto To 14 Models
    A day after Hyundai became the first automaker to formally confirm plans to add the new Android Auto system to its Sonata sedan, Chevrolet says it will go one better, rolling out both the Google-based system and Apple's new CarPlay on 14 of its models next year. Both technologies allow a motorist to go beyond basic pairing. It lets them actually operate a variety of different smartphone apps directly through the vehicle's infotainment system.
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