• USDA Says Meat Vendors Must Provide Provenance
    Last year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture enacted rules requiring meat producers to provide more specific details on the country or countries of origin for their products. The American Meat Institute alleged that requiring meat packagers to break out the "born, raised, and slaughtered" information on labels violated the First Amendment protection against compelled speech. Who's buying it?
  • Ford Has The Dirt On Cadillac 'Poolside' Ad
    Cadillac's polarizing "Poolside" spot for the ELR, which aired during the Olympics, was about success, American style. Ford has done a sharp parody inverting the spot's don't-take-August-off theme, replacing the successful white-guy-with-pool with a real person, Pashon Murray, founder of Detroit Dirt, a sustainability consultancy and advocacy group.
  • Electronic Nicotine Devices Grabbing More Share
    E-cigarettes are growing fast because of greater consumer interest for alternatives to tobacco and their increased availability at retail. Electronic nicotine devices (END) are now the number three subcategory under the other tobacco products (OTB) category, per Balvor LLC. They contribute about 8% of dollar sales for retailers that sell END in their stores.
  • Multiscreen To Be Big On World Cup
    Multiscreen gives brand advertisers a big opportunity in on-demand and live services during this year's football World Cup, according to research from YuMe. The survey found that nearly half of prospective viewers (46%) say that watching on multiple devices is important to them. The survey suggests that connected TV will be much more important than mobile for streaming live content.
  • UGA Students Compete For AT&T Challenge
    Advertising students at the University of Georgia and six other schools are competing for a chance to create a marketing campaign for AT&T. The contest, "AT&T Campus Brand Challenge," is designed to increase awareness and purchase of the AT&T U-Verse products at the time of the SEC Network launch focusing on Generation Y consumers.
  • Average Age Of Vehicles Heading Up
    The age of vehicles driven by American has crept up again and is expected to go up again slightly in 2015, according to a new survey by IHS Automotive. The average age is the highest it has been since R.L. Polk, which was recently acquired by IHS, began calculating it. It will creep up another notch to 11.5 years in 2015, it is predicted.
  • Instagram Is Gen Y's Must-Have App
    Social media is a social-purchasing path for young women, according to a survey by "Teen Vogue." And Instagram is the favored platform. The "Seeing Social" survey reveals that Millennials now use social media to participate in the content created not just by peers but also by marketers to inform her purchasing decisions.
  • Twitter Adds Photo Elements
    Twitter is adding the ability to tag photos and post multiple photos at the same time. Users can now tag up to 10 people in their photos. Tags will not be counted in the tweet's 140-character limit. Users who get tagged receive a notification.
  • Amazon Denies Its Will Offer Ad-Supported Streaming Service
    Amazon has denied it but the "Wall Street's Journal"'s Greg Bensinger broke a story yesterday that the online retailer is thinking about launching an ad-supported television and music-video streaming service. "We're often experimenting with new things, but we have no plans to offer a free streaming-media service," Amazon spokeswoman Sally Fouts said in an email.
  • Gen Y Must Have Its Instagram
    Social media delivers more than wish-list window shopping - it is, essentially, a social-purchasing path for young women that leverages each platform's strength and point of engagement to enhance the shopping process, according to a survey by Teen Vogue. And according to respondents, the future belongs to Instagram.
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