• Delta Air Lines To Offer Free WiFi In 2023
    In what is likely to give the airline a huge point of distinction, Delta is expected to roll out free wireless internet for a significant portion of its planes in early 2023, before expanding the service to other aircraft throughout the rest of the year. A spokesperson for the carrier told Fox Business that it is "in the process of testing Wi-Fi infrastructure with various offerings to select customers on select routes."
  • Fashion Industry Looks For Green Solutions
    Despite the continued popularity of fast-fashion brand Shein, there were were a number of moments this year where the fashion industry did put green practices in the spotlight. "Going into 2023, there are soaring energy prices in Europe, global supply chain disruptions and spikes in the cost of living in many parts of the world," per The New York Times. "These factors are all expected to pose challenges for an industry under pressure from regulators and consumers to find meaningful solutions — fast."
  • Soccer Legend Pele Dies At 82
    Brazilian soccer legend Pelé, 82 has died from complications related to colon cancer. "For more than 60 years, the name Pelé has been synonymous with soccer," per CNN Business. "He played in four World Cups and is the only player in history to win three, but his legacy stretched far beyond his trophy haul and remarkable goal-scoring record."
  • BMW Introduces 'Dee' At CES
    BMW will reveal the backstory behind a recent social media campaign at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. Earlier this month, BMW's social media accounts were made to look like they were hacked by an anonymous third party that later revealed itself as an entity called Dee. "Dee could be a new operating system for infotainment, or it could be a refreshed virtual personal assistant that could replace the 'Hey, BMW' function in cars equipped with voice control," per CarBuzz.
  • Analyst Predicts End Of Bed Bath & Beyond
    One analyst predicts that this be Bed Bath & Beyond's last Christmas holiday. "All you need to know is that they're just simply not relevant anymore," Anthony Chukumba, analyst at Loop Capital, said on Yahoo Finance Live. "And this really was Custer's Last Stand. It's going to pretty much end up the same way that it did for Custer. We will not be having this same conversation a year from now about Bed Bath & Beyond. Bed Bath & Beyond will be gone."
  • Target Ofers Refuge During Storm
    A Target store near Buffalo served as a shelter to motorists stranded during the snow storm on Christmas Eve. "It was just the beginning of two days of round-the-clock hospitality provided by a group of seven Target workers also stranded at the store, who, instead of being home with their families for the holidays, would spend the weekend providing about two dozen stranded motorists with comfort and care in one of the worst blizzards in memory," per the Buffalo News.
  • Retailers Really Don't Want Your Unwanted Gifts
    With the holidays in the rearview mirror, 'tis the season for returns and exchanges. "Even though retailers never enjoy taking back the tsunami of things that get returned after the holidays, they have reason to be distinctly less excited this year," per Forbes. "They’ve worked hard in recent months to clear out stores and warehouses bursting with excess inventory, as consumer preferences shifted rapidly away from furniture, loungewear and other pandemic-era favorites. Retailers turned to huge markdowns to get rid of the stuff, putting a dent in profit margins."
  • Southwest Airlines Continues To Reel This Week
    While other airlines were more or less back to normal Monday after the weekend's winter storms, Southwest Airlines is continuing to struggle. About 87% of Tuesday’s U.S. flight cancellations are on Southwest, according to flight tracking website FlightAware. Southwest has canceled more than 2,500 flights. "Southwest warned that it would continue canceling flights until it could get its operations back on track," per CNN Business. "The company’s CEO said this has been the biggest disruption he’s seen in his career. The Biden administration is investigating."
  • Fashion Experts Weigh In On Likely 2023 Trends
    A new year means new trend predictions. "Fashion experts say that in 2023 we’ll settle into a new normal: The pandemic gave us an increased appreciation for comfort, but we’re also keen to look more put-together," per Fast Company. Experts see an end to "skinny jeans" and a return to wearing blazers to work. Perhaps the most interesting predicted trend is consumers buying fewer clothes, with a focus on higher quality and durability.
  • Patagonia Gives Employees Post-Holiday Break
    For a second year, Patagonia is giving its employees the week off between Christmas and the New Year. The company "has long been known for its bold social activism and commitment to the environment," per Chain Store Age. "The company closed all of its U.S. stores and offices, as well as its distribution center in Reno, Nev., on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022, and provided employees with paid time off. Patagonia, a co-founder of the Time to Vote movement, has been doing this on Election Day since 2016."
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