• Millennials Are Money-Savvy Thanks To Parents
    Millennials are savvy when it comes to personal finance. "Nearly three-quarters of millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, grew up in families that talked about money, according to a recent survey and report from Forbes Advisor," per USA Today. "By contrast, only 41% of boomers recalled talking to their parents about finance."
  • Longevity Drugs Could Add Years To Pets' Lives
    Choosing to live with pets comes with an inevitable loss, since they're around for just a fraction of human lives. "In recent years, scientists have been chasing after drugs that might stave off this heartbreak by extending the lives of our canine companions," per The New York Times. "On Tuesday, the biotech company Loyal announced that it had moved one step closer to bringing one such drug to market."
  • Doritos Offers Chip Silencer Software
    The crunchy sound made when chewing chips is annoying -- but there's a solution. "The chip brand Doritos created Doritos Silent, a crunch-cancellation software that removes the sound of chewing from voice chats, Zoom or any calls that use headphones. But it was really created for gamers," per The Washington Post. "It can be used on any PC, and the company says it will eventually be expanded to other devices."
  • U.S. Considers How To Sever Electric Car Ties To China
    The Biden administration is finalizing rules that will help determine whether companies will find it profitable enough to participate in America’s electric vehicle industry. "The rules, which are expected to be proposed this week, will dictate the extent to which foreign companies, particularly in China, can supply parts and products for American-made vehicles that are set to receive billions of dollars in subsidies," per The New York Times. "The administration is offering up to $7,500 in tax credits to Americans who buy electric vehicles, in an effort to supercharge the industry and reduce the country’s carbon emissions. The rules will determine whether …
  • Weight Watchers Shifts Attitude Toward Weight Loss Prescriptions
    WeightWatchers CEO Sima Sistani says the company got it wrong in its initial rejection of diet drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy. "Sistani says that while weight loss medications have exploded in popularity, there’s still a lack of knowledgeable practitioners safely prescribing them. That’s a role, she said, that WeightWatchers can fill," per CNN Business.  
  • Cadillac Flagship Vehicle Offers Unique Keyfob
    General Motors is billing the bespoke Cadilac Celestiq as being ultra luxurious, and as a result, the keyfob has some unique design elements. "Flipping the keyfob over onto its backside, we find that it has been color-matched to its vehicle," per GM Authoirty. "The Cadillac Celestiq is positioned as the pinnacle of the Cadillac – and General Motors – lineup. To this end, the Detroit-based automaker is pulling out all the stops to make the Celestiq stand out from the crowd. With this in mind, the exterior styling is designed to represent the avant-garde, with bold themes found throughout."
  • Everyone Knows Flo From Progressive
    It's pretty hard to find consumers who don't know -- and like -- Flo from Progressive.  "Jumbling the puzzle of Flo’s likability, according to Cait Lamberton, a professor of marketing at the Wharton School, is the possibility that what audiences enjoyed about Flo in 2008 is not what they enjoy — or think they enjoy — about her in 2023," per The New York Times. "What makes the 'Superstore' campaign not just notable but virtuosic is its freakish longevity. To stave off what Lamberton called the “wear out” phase — when content becomes so familiar it is no longer effective — Arnold …
  • Consumers Think Electric Vehicles Prices Too High, Per Survey
    AAA’s EV Consumer Sentiment Survey, which examines consumer attitudes toward adopting electric vehicles, indicates that while they are interested, consumers think prices are too high. "Of the 1,170 U.S. adults that AAA surveyed, the number one reason those shoppers stated they aren’t likely to consider an EV for their next vehicle purchase is cost, coming in at 59%," per Ford Authority. "It was followed by a lack of charging stations (56%), the cost to repair or replace a battery (55%), and range anxiety (53%). Additionally, four out of 10 surveyed consumers are concerned about the negative impact cold weather has …
  • Ford Cites Slowdown In Consumer Demand For EVs
    Ford Motor said it was "resuming work on an electric vehicle battery plant in Michigan but significantly scaling back its plans in part because of slow E.V. adoption in the United States," according to The New York Times. "Demand for electric vehicles is 'not growing at the rate that we originally expected,' said the Ford spokesman, T.R. Reid."
  • J. Crew Hoping To Rebound -- Again
    "After four decades of business and filing for bankruptcy in 2020, the American retailer is hoping for a renaissance," begins this New York Times article on a once-storied brand. Still, "it’s tough to gauge.. recovery efforts, given that J. Crew is privately held and does not disclose much financial data," the article continues. "But there are promising signs. The company said that A.O.V., or average order value — the amount shoppers spend in a single transaction — is back up."
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