• Jewelry Biz Can Now Trace Diamonds' Provenance
    Where did that diamond come from? is it sustainable or politically correct -- or not? "Now, primarily because of the war in Ukraine and the additional sanctions expected soon on diamonds from Russia (the world’s biggest diamond exporter by volume), 'knowing where a diamond has come from is becoming essential information,' Al Cook, the chief executive of the De Beers Group," according to the New York Times. So "several traceability systems have been introduced in the last six months."
  • Companies Get Smarter About BOGO Deals
    Buy one get one free offers, or "BOGOs, as they are called in the industry, once mostly existed to help companies clear out excess inventory, hit sales targets or go head-to-head with competitors at key moments," per The Wall Street Journal. "But marketers’ increasing obsession with data means many of their offers now come with red tape that is designed to either help collect information about their consumers or capitalize on a data-driven insight."
  • Corona Partners With Fashion Designer For Cans
    Corona unveiled a collaboration with celebrity fashion designer Talia Coles. "Coined Feliz Navi-Drip, the exclusive holiday pairing consists of limited-edition holiday cans of Corona Extra and matching robes, both designed by Talia," per Beverage Industry. "The limited-edition color-changing cans of Corona Extra are available in 12-packs sold exclusively in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Philadelphia. The special holiday cans will be available beginning on Black Friday."
  • Court Orders Balance of Nature To Stop Sales
    Balance of Nature is being ordered by a federal court to stop producing and selling its dietary supplements. The Food and Drug Administration is accusing the company and its affiliates of repeatedly breaking the law in how they make and market the products. "The FDA says the company marketing Balance of Nature, Evig LLC, and its CEO Lex Howard had flouted years of federal warnings about overstepping limits in what they could claim about diseases their supplements could cure or prevent," per CBS News.
  • Mars To Buy U.K. Chocolate Company
    Mars, maker of Snickers and M&Ms, is buying the U.K.'s Hotel Chocolat for $665 million. "While Mars is best known for its mainstream confections, the acquisition of Hotel Chocolat will give the New Jersey-based company a premium brand that it can expand in the U.K. and 'potentially in new geographies,'" per Food Dive. "Mars said the purchase will add to its portfolio a brand with 'distinctive capabilities in product development, luxury gifting and immersive brand experiences.'"
  • Burger King, McDonald's Partner With Fila, Crocs
    It's the mashup du jour -- fast food and fashion. "Burger King in Brazil has teamed with Fila on a fashion collection inspired by its flame-grilled food that is accompanied by a campaign, 'The Collab Born from Fire,'" per Marketing Dive. "Similarly, McDonald’s in Canada partnered with Crocs for a limited-edition line of shoes, socks and Jibbitz charms inspired by brand mascots Grimace, Birdie and the Hamburglar."
  • Whirlpool Will Make Refrigerators With Bigger Interiors
    Whirlpool refrigerator doors are getting thinner and the interior space larger due to a new thinner insulation material. Better yet, the appliances -- which are sold under the JennAir, KitchenAid and Whirlpool brands -- will use less energy. "The design, size, and even location of refrigerators is about to change forever," per Fast Company
  • In-N-Out Expands To Southwest
    In-N-Out is entering a new market in New Mexico with plans to expand to other Southwestern cities. "The burger brand is in the early stages of planning its first restaurants in the state," per QSR Magazine. "Openings in Albuquerque should happen by 2027. Expansion into other cities are expected beyond that. In-N-Out will use a distribution facility in Colorado Springs to deliver products to the upcoming New Mexico locations."
  • Amazon Resumes Grocery Store Openings
    Amaon tested grocery store delivery earlier this year to people who are not Prime loyalty program subscribers on the ecommerce website. Now, the behemoth says it plans to open new US Amazon Fresh stores in 2024 and that Whole Foods delivery is coming "in the very near future," per Bloomberg.
  • Uniqlo Founder Prods Japan To 'Wake Up'
    Tadashi Yanai, Japan’s richest man and the founder of $73 billion apparel empire Uniqlo, has a stern message for his fellow countrymen, telling them to "Wake up!" His sobering pitch is that "Japan’s economy is teetering on a precipice because of an unhealthy obsession with manufacturing, workers conditioned to corporate bloat, and a budget financed by soaring debt rather than tax receipts," per Time
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