• Movie Partners With Planned Parenthood For Screenings
    "Call Jane," a 1960s-era movie about abortion starring Elizabeth Banks, is partnering with Planned Parenthood for screenings nationwide. "The movie is also partnering with other national and local organizations like We Testify on PSAs that encourage moviegoers to share their abortion stories and educate others about abortion care ahead of the midterms," per The Hollywood Reporter. "The screenings will serve both as an opportunity to increase awareness around direct abortion care services and serve as a thank-you to clinics’ volunteers and staff as the demand for abortion care has increased in the months following the overturning of Roe v. Wade."
  • Automakers React To Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover
    General Motors is halting its Twitter advertising for the moment, while Ford says it does not advertise on Twitter and had no plans to. Henrik Fisker, the founder of Fisker Inc., deleted his personal Twitter account earlier this year when Twitter’s board accepted Elon Musk’s bid to buy the company and take it private. "Fisker Inc. continues to use Twitter, which every major automotive brand utilizes for customer engagement and marketing," per CNBC. 
  • Halloween Fans Hunt For Home Depot's Elusive 12-Foot Skeleton
    Skelly, a rare 12-foot skeleton decoration that sells for $299, has been hunted by some shoppers for years. "Since its introduction in 2020, the skeleton has for many come to represent the face — or at least the cheekbones, eye sockets and mandible — of Halloween," per The New York Times. One shopper estimates she has made more than 15 trips and 50 calls to Home Depot stores around New Jersey over the last two years in her quest to buy the skeleton.
  • How Johnson & Johnson Survived Tylenol Murders
    If you lived through the early '80s, you have memories of the horror of murders from Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules laced with cyanide. The news sent McNeil Consumer Products, the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary that manufactures Tylenol,  the country’s top-selling pain reliever "into a tailspin from which many predicted it could not recover," per the Chicago Tribune. "The fact that it did has become the subject of numerous books and college lectures, held up as a shining example of corporate ethics and crisis management. The safety seals the company introduced after the killings are found on all manner of over-the-counter medications and food products today, …
  • Black-Owned Condom Brand Aims For Point Of Distinction
    Move over, Trojan, you've got some competition from a Black-owned condom company. "To distinguish itself in a crowded market, B Condoms floods its Instagram account with sex and wellness tips, many of them explicit," per The New York Times. "In recent months the brand has signed deals with Walmart, Target and a majority of CVS drugstores."
  • J. Crew Attempts To Regain Its Coolness
    The once hugely popular J. Crew brand is looking to reinvent itself under the direction of Brendon Babenzien, the former design director at sportswear and skateboard brand Supreme, "who once did for the hoodie generation what J. Crew had done for its dads," per The New York Times. "Back from a 2020 bankruptcy brought on by a series of business missteps that left the company saddled with debt, J. Crew is aiming to regain its cool at a time when, in the words of Mobolaji Dawodu, the fashion director at large of GQ, cool is mainly in our phones."
  • Kanye 'Ye' West Escorted Out Of Skechers HQ
    Ye, the celebrity formerly known as Kanye West, was escorted out of Skechers headquarters after showing up announced and uninvited. "The incident comes after Adidas terminated its relationship with the fallen rapper and fashion mogul over his recent antisemitic and racist remarks," per CNBC. Skechers is not considering and has no intention of working with West, according to a statement from the brand. 
  • Beleaguered Bed Bath & Beyond Names New CEO
    Bed Bath & Beyond has named its interim leader Sue Gove as its new chief executive officer. The struggling retail chain is in the process of closing 150 stores across the United States. The company is still without a permanent chief financial officer following the suicide of Gustavo Arnal last month. The company’s stock has fallen 65% since the start of the year.
  • Clorox Recalls Pine-Sol Over Bacteria Concerns
    Clorox is recalling millions of bottles of Pine-Sol that could contain a dangerous bacteria. Pseudomonas aeruginosa can harm people with compromised immune systems or people with external medical devices, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The CPSC says no injuries have been reported. The affected Pine-Sol products were made between January 2021 and September 2022 and were sold on Amazon and at several national retailers such as Walmart, Target, Sam's Club, Kroger and Dollar Tree.
  • Sleep Apnea CPAP Machine Recall Frustrates Users
    A massive recall by Philips of sleep apnea CPAP machines has dragged on for over a year, frustrating consumers who are faced with either using potentially harmful equipment or going without. “Philips initially estimated it could repair or replace the units within a year,” per The Associated Press. “But with the recall expanding to more than 5 million devices worldwide, the Dutch company now says the effort will stretch into 2023.”  The company could face legal action as a result. 
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