• Supermarkets Use Bread-Baking Aroma To Attract Customers
    Supermarkets deliberately bake too much bread in-store as a marketing tool to attract shoppers, food waste charities claim. Supermarkets have rejected the claims, saying all stores have targets to reduce waste. But one food expert said bread is used as a loss-leader in a bid to emphasize the value of higher-priced items.
  • Home Depot Pulls 'Peeping Tom' Decoration
    With its leering eyes, furrowed brow and hands cupped around a pockmarked face, there is no mistaking what the "Scary Peeper Creeper" is meant to imitate: the head of a "peeping Tom" looking in through a window.
  • New Social Network Aimed At Tweens
    Jet.me, a new chat and photosharing app targets children under 13. The app was designed to conform to the standards set by the federal government. Children can only search and find their friends if they know their real names, and the Jet Parent app allows parents to manage and regulate their child's social media interactions.
  • Louis Vuitton Looks To Youth Spirit
    CEO Michael Burke credits Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquiere with reviving the brand with a youthful elan that is paying off in the marketplace. Annual revenues are estimated to reach $10.25 billion this year, with Louis Vuitton accounting for up to half of LVMH's profits.Ghesquiere unveiled the brand's spring collection during Paris Fashion Week.
  • Land Rover, Zenith Partner To Create Watch Collection
    Land Rover and Zenith are partnering for the Zenith Range Rover watch collection, commemorating their shared legacy as makers of high-performance luxury products. Land Rover introduced the first prototype for a luxury off-road vehicle in 1969, the same year Zenith unveiled its signature El Primero chronograph movement.
  • Snapchat Name Change Positively Received
    When a company makes a change to its brand, any number of things can happen. Loyal users may reject the change -- as happened when Coca-Cola tried to introduce "New Coke" in one of the worst marketing disasters in history. Snapchat has renamed itself "Snap Inc." and introduced a new product to go along with the change, and it seems to be well received.
  • New York Launches Ad Campaign To Combat Islamophobia
    New York has launched a campaign to combat racial discrimination and violence against Muslims. The city will undertake a social media campaign aimed at promoting "respect, understanding and support for the city's diverse Muslim communities." The city will be sharing ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the slogan "I am Muslim, I am NYC."
  • Joe Jonas Talks Natural Branding
    For brands looking to connect with consumers via artist relationships, Joe Jonas suggested "finding ways for artists to talk about the product where it doesn't feel staged. You look at some artists and you can tell it's an ad. There are ways it can be comfortable for the artist that make sense for your brand." If that jibes, the campaign "will live beyond" just a tweet.
  • Red Robin, New Belgium Beer Collaborate On Beer
    Red Robin Gourmet Burgers has partnered with New Belgium Brewing to create a burger-inspired beer. Dubbed Grilled Pineapple Golden Ale, the new beer will mark its debut during the Great American Beer Festival in Denver Oct. 6-8. The beer is inspired by Red Robin's Banzai Burger. It is said to be complementing the burger's pineapple and teriyaki flavor profile.
  • Land Rover Breaks World Record With Giant Lego Tower
    Land Rover has broken the Guinness World Record for the world's largest Lego structure, by revealing the Discovery alongside a 5,805,846 brick Lego model of Tower Bridge. The structure, which is twice as high as a two-story house, took Lego experts five months to build. Laid end to end, the bricks used would stretch from London to Paris.
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