• Restaurant Industry In Funk As Workers Eat At Desk
    The NPD Group found there were 433 million fewer lunchtime meals eaten in restaurants last year, which cost the industry $3.2 billion. It was the lowest level of midday traffic in over 40 years. The market research firm found a couple of reasons: Getting away from their desks for an hour-long lunch is seen as a luxury and supermarket food prices are going down.
  • Jelly Belly Faces Lawsuit Over 'Sports' Beans
    Jelly Belly Candy Co. is facing a lawsuit from a plaintiff who claims she was duped into buying and eating sugar-filled jelly beans when she thought she was devouring performance-enhancing "Sports Beans" instead. The federal class-action lawsuit claims the company mislabeled sugar on the product's list of ingredients.
  • New Rolls-Royce Could Be Most Expensive Car Ever Made
    A new one-off coupe that Rolls-Royce has been developing for a customer since 2013 is near completion, and it's believed to cost upwards of $12 million. This is the ultra-rare Rolls-Royce Sweptail and the inspiration comes from Rolls-Royce classics from the 1920s and '30s with sweeping lines and coach-built quality.
  • Cars.com Starts Trading On The New York Stock Exchange
    The previously announced spin-off of Cars.com from TEGNA - which will ultimately result in two publicly traded companies - has been greenlit by the board of directors at TEGNA. The companies expect to finish the separation on May 31, with "regular way" trading of Cars.com shares expected to start June 1.
  • Coke Is Printing Festival Wristbands On Labels Overseas
    Bottles of Coke could get Romanians into concerts this summer. The company is printing detachable labels that double as festival wristbands to some of the country's biggest musical events. Not every bottle is a winner; drinkers have to use a special app to determine whether or not their package is a real ticket.
  • Memorial Day Popsicle Tweet From Ivanka Trump Deemed Disrespectful
    While most of the country was reflecting on the sacrifice of military personnel, Ivanka Trump tweeted that Memorial Day was a good day to make champagne popsicles. President Donald Trump's daughter faced backlash after her lifestyle brand's Twitter account - "IvankaTrumpHQ" - gave what some considered an insensitive Memorial Day holiday tip.
  • Serta Offers A New Take On The Need For Sleep
    With a new campaign bearing the tagline "Declare Peace," Serta is encouraging people to sleep more. The new campaign cites a study "with nearly half of Americans claiming they spend less than one hour per day feeling at peace and relaxed," pointing out there's no better place than resting in the bedroom to make the world go away.
  • Children's Charity Makes Giving Easy
    Save the Children is taking a page from Amazon and using the online shopping company's Dash button concept to make giving donations as easy as, well, pushing a button. Teaming up with marketing incubator Iris Nursery, the charity is making its own button similar to the Domino's pizza "easy order" button from 2015. Except instead of conjuring pizza, pushing the "Give" button will send money to the organization.
  • Muslim Man Sues Little Caesars Over Non-Halal Pepperoni
    A Muslim man is suing Little Caesars for $100 million after he says he was served and then accidentally ate pepperoni made with pork, a food prohibited by Islamic law. The complaint says Mohamad Bazzi ordered halal pizza twice. The boxes were labeled "halal," but the pies inside were topped with regular pepperoni.
  • Swimmer Michael Phelps Eyes Comeback, Kind Of
    Having already made one great comeback in his career, Michael Phelps hinted that he might be making another. But his return to the Olympic spotlight is more for his son than for himself. His son, Boomer, has no medals - yet - but could follow in his dad's footsteps, perhaps for the 2032 Summer Games. That's the premise behind a new campaign for Huggies Little Swimmers.
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