• Kia and Blake Griffin Embrace 'Challenger Spirit' In NBA Sponsorship
    "The NBA created a number of custom assets for us," says Tim Chaney, director of marketing for Kia Motors America. "'Kia NBA Tip Off Week' was developed for us, so was the 'Kia NBA Performance Awards.' Then we took the all-star game and a few other things with it."
  • How An Ad Campaign Made Lesbians Fall In Love With Subaru
    Rather than compete directly with Ford, Toyota, and other carmakers that dwarfed Subaru in size, executives decided to return to its old focus on marketing Subaru cars to niche groups-like outdoorsy types who liked that Subaru cars could handle dirt roads.
  • Lay's Custom Digital Packaging Uses Instagram Photos
    The snack-customization binge has reached new levels with a fresh summer promotion by Lay's: 200,000 Americans can receive a bag of Lay's potato chips imprinted with a digital photo that they have submitted.
  • Corporations Chase The Mythical Millennial
    Corporations like LinkedIn and Oracle are now hiring an army of "Millennial consultants" who charge as much as $20,000 an hour for their expertise on how to manage and market to young people. The consultant bonanza follows a trend that has been shaping the business world for the last few years.
  • Reebok, A-B, Geico Drive NHL $477M Sponsor Spend
    Thanks to increased activation from such partners as Reebok, Anheuser-Busch, GEICO, Toyota and DraftKings, the NHL is projected to see a record $477M from sponsorship spend this season, up nearly 7% from last season, according to research firm IEG.
  • California Sues Johnson & Johnson Over Ads
    California is accusing Johnson & Johnson of failing to warn doctors and patients about the severity and frequency of complications associated with its pelvic mesh devices. According to the lawsuit filed by the state's attorney general, J&J falsely marketed the devices as safe.
  • Students Honored For Anti-Bullying Campaigns
    New York and New Jersey students were recognized at an Anti-Defamation League ceremony for combating bullying in public schools. Some were honored for starting social media campaigns, including Instagram accounts, to further the discussion of diversity.
  • Lawsuits Mounting Over Santa Fe Cigarette Claims
    The number of federal lawsuits targeting the organic and additive-free marketing claims for the Natural American Spirit brand has climbed to 14. The subsidiary of Reynolds American Inc. emphasized the additive-free element when it launched the super-premium cigarette in 1982.
  • Carmelo Anthony Talks Marketing Deals
    Anthony's $8 million in endorsements may seem tame compared to LeBron James' $44 million, but he only plans to expand his already diversified business reach, which includes collaborations with Nike, Jordan Brand, Foot Locker, IWC and Steiner Sports and now Nickelodeon.
  • Victoria's Secret Halts Paper Catalogs
    The retailer has been producing up to 300 million copies of its catalogs per year, at a cost of $125 million to $150 million. However, when the brand experimented with dialing back on its physical catalog, it found that sales didn't take a hit.
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