• Mark Fields Says No Ford Mergers
    If Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is cruising around for a partner, it might as well not bother with Dearborn. Ford Motor Co. won't be biting, CEO Mark Fields said this week. Responding to questions from reporters at the annual "Further With Ford" conference, Fields said Ford wasn't interested in a merger with anyone and instead will continue to follow the course laid out in the "One Ford Plan" that Ford adopted following a financial crisis nearly 10 years ago.
  • Apple Removes Civil War Games From App Store For Confederate Flag
    Apple has reportedly yanked several Civil War games that include the rebel banner from its iTunes App Store. The games started disappearing from the App Store early Thursday morning, with affected game developers getting the notice. Apple wrote, in an email to game creators, that their games had been pulled for containing "images of the Confederate Flag used in offensive and mean-spirited ways."
  • Droga5's Under Armour Campaign With Gisele Wins Cyber Grand Prix At Cannes
    Droga5's Gisele Bundchen campaign for Under Armour picked up the Grand Prix in the Cyber category at Cannes this week. There were other stars in the campaign, but hers was most innovative, featuring a website that pulled in real-time social-media insults about her to emphasize her strength and will. Droga5 said the Gisele campaign led to 1.5 billion media impressions, $15 million in earned media, an average of four minutes spent on the site at the campaign's peak.
  • Microsoft's New Mission Statement
    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sent a companywide email to employees on Thursday containing an agenda for Microsoft's new fiscal year, setting the stage for the upcoming Windows 10 launch and revealing the company's new, official mission statement: To "empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more."
  • Whole Foods Faces Massive Backlash, Possible Boycott
    People are lashing out at the company on its Facebook page, claiming they will no longer shop there due to the accusations that stores mislabeled packaged foods and sold them for more than they were worth. Whole Foods has denied the allegations. "Your overcharging practices are deplorable!" one customer wrote on the company's page. "I no longer shop at Whole Foods.
  • Awaiting Supremes, Esurance Issues Pro-Gay Marriage Video
    The online insurance company, part of Northbrook-based Allstate, took an unequivocal stance on the controversial subject with the release this week of the #EqualDreams video, which was shot at a traditional Chicago wedding earlier this month. "We created this online film to show, in an emotionally compelling way, our belief that all dreams should be equal," Esurance chief marketing officer Alan Gellman said in a statement.
  • Gen Y Likes Mobile For Media
    The Millennials lead other age groups in media consumption on smartphones but watch the least amount of live television, per Nielsen. A new audience report from the media firm says adults between the ages of 18 to 34 watched about 22 hours of TV a week. Adults off all ages spend 36 hours, on average, watching TV. The Millennial set spends "nearly as much time using digital devices as a whole as they do watching TV," the study said. Radio remains the most widely used device, with 93% of adults saying they listen to it each week.
  • Whole Foods Caught In 'Worst Over-Charging Case Ever'
    Whole Foods is overcharging customers again. Last summer, Whole Foods was forced to pay nearly $1 million in fines for overcharging in California. A sting inspection by the Department of Consumer Affairs last fall revealed eight New York locations to have inaccurately priced a variety of 80 pre-packaged store items according to their weight. Whole Foods has accumulated 800 violations in over 100 inspections of its stores, not just for overpricing based on weight, but overtaxing taxing under New York state laws.
  • GM Will Provide Wireless Downloads Of New Features
    General Motors is developing cloud technology to allow new auto features to be downloaded wirelessly. Product development chief Mark Reuss said the company is looking to aircraft maker Boeing Co. and military contractors for ideas on how to develop network security for the systems.
  • Krispy Kreme Expanding In Chicago
    Krispy Kreme, which closed its Chicago stores during the recession, is returning. The company announced Tuesday that it signed a development agreement with Chicagoland Restaurants to open eight Krispy Kreme stores in Chicago and suburban Cook County over the next few years. Doughnut sales nationally have recovered and are up for the third straight year.
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