• Rivals Ready to Take a Bite of Apple (Reuters)
    Like a faded rock star determined to make a comeback, the record industry is looking to return to the online music stage in a very big way in coming months.
  • Publisher at GQ Magazine Is Ousted (New York Times)
    Ron Galotti, the publisher of Conde Nast Publications' GQ magazine, resigned this morning and will be leaving the magazine immediately.
  • Madonna to Star in Gap's Fall Ad Campaign (USA Today)
    Madonna will be the new face for Gap's fall multimillion dollar ad campaign.
  • Senators Try to Roll Back FCC Media Rules (Reuters)
    A bipartisan group of senators on Tuesday launched efforts to veto a relaxation of media ownership limits by federal regulators that make it easier for giant media companies to gobble up more outlets.
  • Bell Rings for Upfront Reform (TV Week)
    The rising tide of dissatisfaction with the timing and frantic pace of the current annual upfront process, which buyers believe unduly favors sellers, has led senior executives from at least five of the Big 7 media agencies into discussions on how to revamp the process.
  • Casting For Marketing Information (Chicago Sun-Times)
    Dan DiCaro has examined just about every angle of the entrepreneur's world, and succeeded in most of them. DiCaro hopes his latest venture will be his greatest. Primis Marketing Group seeks to revolutionize direct marketing for middle-market companies.
  • Nike to Buy Shoe Rival Converse (CBS MarketWatch)
    Shares of Nike edged lower in midday trading Thursday following its announcement late Wednesday that it will buy shoemaker Converse for $305 million plus the assumption of debt.
  • Frontier Airlines Tries Comedy (New York Times)
    Is there really anything funny about flying these days? Especially flying cheap?
  • Colombia's Juan Valdez Back with New Ad Campaign (Reuters)
    After a year-long siesta, Colombia's famous coffee farmer Juan Valdez is finally awakening from his slumber for a global ad campaign set to begin in September.
  • New Campaign at Red Lobster (New York Times)
    Red Lobster has spent the last three years advising its customers to "Go Overboard." Now it wants them to sit, stay a while and get to know each other, all while cracking open some shellfish.
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