• Radio Ad Revenue Grew 3% in July (New York Times)
    Advertising revenue for radio networks and stations grew again in July, the Radio Advertising Bureau in New York reported yesterday.
  • Hollywood Reporter's New Ads Poke Fun at Readers (New York Times)
    For its first advertising campaign in more than a decade, the trade newspaper The Hollywood Reporter is holding up a not-always-flattering mirror to the lives of the movers and shakers who are its readers.
  • Celebrities Line Up to Criticize Bush in A.C.L.U. Campaign (New York Times)
    As the second anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks passed and President Bush pressed for greater expansion of law enforcement powers, a new advertising campaign by the American Civil Liberties Union has been rolling out to oppose the tactics and proposals of the White House.
  • Sponsors Expect Senate to Pass Bill Overturning FCC Rules (Dow Jones)
    Sponsors of a Senate resolution that would overturn new federal rules deregulating media ownership are confident the Senate will approve the measure.
  • Alcohol Advertisers to Help Keep Messages from Kids (USA Today)
    Beer and distilled spirits industries responded to two government reports on alcohol marketing released Tuesday by announcing tighter standards on how and where they advertise.
  • Publicis 1st Half Net Profit EUR112 Million Vs EUR75 Million (Dow Jones)
    Publicis Groupe S.A. said Tuesday that first-half profit before goodwill amortization was up 49% to EUR112 million.
  • To Sell the Ads, Eager Magazines Write the Copy (New York Times)
    When MGM Mirage earlier this year sought to reposition its family-friendly Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas as a destination more suitable for adults in search of decadence, its media-buying agency pitted three men's magazines against one another in a winner-take-all contest.
  • Indications That Ad Spending Will Increase (New York Times)
    There are accumulating signs that advertising spending is resuming its growth after almost two years of deeply disappointing results. But Madison Avenue remains cautious: to paraphrase the old joke about economists, forecasters have predicted nine out of the last five upturns.
  • Viewers Are Popped, Too (New York Daily News)
    Two things happened after I wrote a column last week complaining about network pop-up promotional ads and other annoyances. One was grating, the other great.
  • Inside an Entertaining Deal (USA Today)
    As NBC heads into the fall TV season, perhaps it should add a new reality show to its lineup, complete with behind-the-scenes strategies, maneuvering and the occasional back stabbing. Call it The Making of NBC/Universal.
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