• Why The 'NY Times'/Flipboard Deal Is Smart
    Using a third party to distribute its digital content to subscribers for the first time -- as The New York Times will start doing on Thursday on the "magazine-style news aggregation engine Flipboard" -- is a smart move, according to Matthew Ingram. For one, "it at least gets Times content in front of more people (potentially) and that could give them an incentive to subscribe," he writes. "It’s possible that the Flipboard deal won’t really produce much in the way of incremental revenue for the Times, at least not in the short term, but at least ...
  • NBC News To Debut Web Site Separate From MSNBC's
    NBC News is set to debut its own Web site, finally separate from MSNBC.com, where the network's digital presence presently resides. Launch date is tentatively some time in September. The new site "would enable NBC News to distance its digital presence from that of its sister cable network, where programming has becoming increasingly liberal," writes Dylan Byers.
  • 'NY Times' Getting Closer To A CEO Pick?
    The New York Times could be close to picking a new CEO to replace Janet Robinson, who was fired almost seven months ago, and things are looking good for departing BBC Director-General Mark Thompson. One positive sign for Thompson: "Sources have brushed off speculation about most of the other candidates who have been touted in the press at various times," reports Staci D. Kramer and Robert Andrews. The two analyze Thompson's qualifications in this well-thought-out piece.
  • 'The European Daily,' Print Newspaper, To Launch
    Three entrepreneurs are launching The European Daily, an English-language print newspaper that will be distributed throughout Europe. Its editorial office will be in Amsterdam. Why a new print pub now, when every day, it seems, another dead-tree pub goes digital-only? "We are a publication that partly targets a more senior audience who, to a great extent, still prefers print, as well as a traveling audience who wants to read their news on a flight or at their hotel," says one of the founders. There will also be an online presence "to create a sustainable revenue stream," writes Carmen Paun.
  • Supreme Court Ruling On Indecency Fees Fails To Clarify Issue
    Imagine a world where it would be O.K. to use particularly foul language in an e-mail sent from your smartphone, but where you would be fined if you uttered the same words during a phone call." That's how Edward Wyatt explains the current state of FCC rules where pretty much anything goes, language and nudity-wise, on cable TV shows, and broadcasters still have to watch their words (and wardrobe malfunctions). The recent Supreme Court ruling which threw out fines FCC had placed on broadcast shows from 2002 and 2003 (a lifetime ago when it comes to ...
  • AMI Kills Print Version Of 'Realtiy Weekly," Moves To Tablet-Only
    American Media Inc. will cease publication of the weekly print edition of Reality Weekly, the fan mag focused on reality TV stars, and convert it into a tablet-only pub by July or August, reports Keith Kelly. Why the move to tablets for the pub, which launched in January? “It wasn’t losing money, but it wasn’t making money,” says AMI CEO David Pecker.  
  • Ann Curry To Be Replaced On 'Today'
    Ann Curry is apparently going to be replaced as co-host of NBC's "Today," according to reports of "secret" plans to do so -- a move that's "effectively an admission that all is not well" at the show, which was toppled off the top ratings spot for several weeks this spring by ABC’s “Good Morning America," writes Brian Stelter. The most likely candidate to replace Curry is Savannah Guthrie, co-host of the show’s 9 a.m. hour, reports Stelter. NBC actually made plans to sub Hoda Kotb, co-host of the show's fourth hour, in Curry's place today amid ...
  • 'Design Hunting' Mag Doubles Frequency For Next Year
    New York magazine's launch of its standalone pub Design Hunting worked so well that the mag, intended to be an annual, will be published twice next year, in May and September. "According to New York Media, Design Hunting made its debut with 74 advertising pages and nearly three quarters of its advertisers were new to the company," writes Emma Bazilian.
  • Warner Bros. Syndicates 'Two Broke Girls' To CBS, TBS
    Warner Bros. sold syndication rights to its freshman(woman?) series "Two Broke Girls" to CBS Corp. stations and TBS. The CBS run will begin in late 2014; TBS will begin airing the show in 2015. The sale is part of a trend for shows to begin syndicating earlier in their runs, instead of waiting for the traditional 100 episodes to run their course.
  • Media Lyings? Allegations Of 'Block-Voting' Follow Cannes Media Awards
    There was plenty of grousing surrounding the winners - and the judging process - for this year's Media Lions awards in Cannes, France, especially the fact that Omnicom Media Group took so many top awards, including the top one - the Grand Prix for Google Voice Search campaign created by Omnicom's Manning Gottlieb OMD unit.
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