Twitter Launches Search Keyword Ads In Beta For All Advertisers, Strengthens Safety Reporting

Twitter announced a beta program earlier this week for companies that want to run advertisements on the platform.

The ad option -- called Search Keyword Ads -- allows advertisers to bid on keywords. The bid will trigger Promoted Tweets to users in specific search results.

The goal is to reach people with high real-time intent to improve ad relevance.

“Search Keywords Ads differ from other Twitter Keywords campaigns in that they only reach people who are searching for targeted terms when they are searching,” according to the tweet that announced the offering.

Search Keywords Ads are the latest "Conversion 'campaign objective' in the Twitter Ads interface," the company said.  

For now, the campaigns will optimize only for conversions to advertiser websites, and require the integration of the Twitter Pixel or Conversion API (CAPI) to maximize relevance.

The plan is to expand this capability to support other campaign objectives soon.

Twitter also launched third-party brand-safety reporting partnerships in what the company calls “an in-feed measurement” feature.

As revenue and advertising decline, Twitter has expanded its relationships with DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science (IAS). The feature provides support for companies based in the U.S.

The services monitor and quantify the prevalence of ad placement next to English-language tweets, and look for content that is deemed either unsafe or unsuitable for monetization by the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) in Twitter’s Home Timeline.

DoubleVerify’s and IAS’s tweet-scanning technology will initially monitor Twitter’s Home timeline, and then expand to profile and search placements.

Twitter initially released information about the measurement feature late last year.  

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