• 10% Own An AI Device, 32% Plan To Get One, 58% Don't Want Any
    The majority of consumers don't have any AI devices and most people have no interest in owning them, based on an annual global study.
  • Parents -- The New Power Users Of Smart Speakers
    Parents have become power users of voice assistance, based on a Google study that surveyed 1,600 U.S. adults who are active users of voice-activated speakers Amazon Echo or Google Home.
  • Online Shoppers Not Big On Buying By Voice Device
    More consumers are adopting voice-activated devices and smartwatches, but not necessarily to their full potential -- and most are not using them to buy things.
  • Larry Page's Flying Taxis To Launch In New Zealand
    California-based Kitty Hawk is launching Cora, an electric-powered flying vehicle with 12 independent lift fans. The vehicle takes off and lands like a helicopter, and flies like a plane with a single propeller.
  • Marketers Not Keen On AI-Powered Chatbots
    A quarter of customer service and support operations will include virtual customer assistant or chatbot technology within two years, according to Gartner -- an increase from just 2% last year.
  • Smart Speakers Growing, Bedroom To Bathroom
    Smart speakers have come out of nowhere. Two years ago, fewer than 1% of the U.S. population had access to smart speakers. Today, it's 20%, according to a new report.
  • Consumer Needs For IoT Speeds
    Speed of sensors capturing and relaying data and reduced latency at the consumer activity level are keys to friction-free transactions. The coming speeds of 5G are expected to aid those efforts all around.
  • Consumers Turning To Smart Speakers To Help Decide On Brands, Products
    While almost all consumers, at 95%, have heard of smart speakers, one in five don't know much about them, based on a new study.
  • Conversational AI Display Ad Launched For Vacation Planning
    An artificial intelligence travel recommendation engine has just been tapped to create an ad campaign where travelers can interact with AI-powered chatbots directly through a display ad.
  • Comcast Boosts Home Wi-Fi Security For 15 Million Customers
    Comcast is making IoT moves that can impact more than 15 million people at a time, beginning with its announcement in January that it was expanding its home automaton across the entire Xfinity portfolio.
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