• Nuance Intros In-Car Experience Of The Future
    "The module learns your preferences as you drive," according to Eric Montague, senior director strategy, product marketing at Nuance.
  • Individualization Vs. Personalization At Retail
    With individualization at retail, shoppers receives relevant video information while not having to trade any of their personal information.
  • NRF 2019: Robots Roaming The Aisles Of Retail
    Robots at retail are getting better. At the annual National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show in New York this week, I saw plenty of robots that can roam up and down the aisles scanning products as they go.
  • Smart Speaker Growth Hits 78%
    About 53 million people in the U.S. now own a smart speaker, including 14 million new owners in 2018, according to the study.
  • Samsung's Harman Shows Future In-Car Experience At CES
    In-Car Communication combines microphones, voice processing and in-vehicle audio signal processing, allowing two-way conversations within a car.
  • Touring CES Eureka Park With Isobar In Search Of The Future
    Much of the newest innovation at CES each year is in what is called Eureka Park, in the basement of the Sands Hotel. Each year, Leigh Christie, director of Isobar's NowLab Americas, and I team up to tour the latest and potentially greatest new things.
  • CES 2019: The Consumer Product Disconnect
    One of the ironies of CES is that most of the gadgetry being displayed is for consumers, but consumers don't attend the actual event.
  • CES 2019: Toyota Shifts Focus To Assisting Drivers, Not Displacing Them
    The company has been working on Toyota Guardian, in which drivers are in full control of the vehicle with Guardian there to coach them.
  • CES 2019: Voice Assistants, 8K TV, Connected Vehicles, AR, VR Eyewear
    The annual tech mega-gathering known as CES kicks off Tuesday with a full lineup of Internet-connected gadgetry for all facets of consumer life.
  • Smart Speaker Reigns As King Of The Hill
    Smart speaker penetration in the U.S. is pegged at 28%, followed by thermostats (22%), remote video/security (19%) and lighting (14%) .
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