• Whither Mobile?
    It's hard to imagine that any brand could be holding back on its mobile marketing initiatives. The growth pattern is too fast; the consumer behavior migration too sudden. Some evidence is showing up, though, that high-end brands might be underestimating the affluent customer segment when it comes to mobile. This could be a big mistake.
  • 2011 Ended On A Positive Note For Affluents
    Affluent optimism in the U.S. economy ended 2011 by rising for three consecutive months, from 30% in September 2011, to 40% in December 2011. In raw numbers, this rise of 10 percentage points during Q4 reflects roughly 5.9 million more Affluent adults who are optimistic about the economy, their spirits buoyed mostly by perceived improvements in the job market and consumer spending.
  • How Brands Can Grow Their Affluent Customer Base By Partnering With Innovative Non-Profits
    Affluent consumers are typically highly educated, involved in their community, and are avid shoppers. But, increasingly, they are also motivated to shop responsibly. We call these individuals Charitable Commerce Consumers.
  • The 10 Things You Need To Know To Engage The Affluent Chinese Customer
    Mainland China is a thriving marketplace. Growth will continue to be robust as more surviving Chinese migrate into consuming Chinese. And if you know how to speak to them, you can make a lot of money. But doing business in China is hard as the mainland Chinese consumer is challenging and unique. This month's column focuses on the 10 things you need to know to successfully and profitably engage the Chinese consumer.