Targeting The Consumer: Comparing Tablet to Desktop Paid Search Performance
    In my world, we think a lot about reaching affluent audiences with targeted rich media. Of course, rich media isn't the only way to reach luxury buyers - search engine marketing is also incredibly effective and complimentary to the rich media experience. Since search is extending well beyond the desktop, brands now have to think about targeting audiences by device as well as by keyword phrase. To talk more about this, I've invited my friends at Morpheus Media, who've just completed a study on tablet search behavior across five luxury brands, to join me here. Basheer Bergus, Paid Search Strategist …
    Couch-surfing Sites Appeal Beyond Backpackers
    In a review of luxury travel trends, I cited unique experiences, exotic and previously forbidden locales, and healthy, activity-based vacations among the new year's fads-all tied together by the social-media savvy. Thank you, Travel + Leisure, Travel Weekly, the International Luxury Travel Market, and others, for backing me up. A new crop of travel sites connects some of these trends.
    New Year's Resolutions (And The Deeper Meaning Behind Them)
    I've always loved the start of a new year. New Year's Eve, as holidays go, is characteristically more about fun and less about family drama, and New Year's Day is typically a day of relaxed recovery. I've even come to enjoy the promise and potential that is so carefully packaged in the "New Year, New You" promotions that now seem standard fare for every category.
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