A Super Bowl Visit Means Super Bucks
    Super Bowl XLIX taking place in Phoenix on Sunday is quickly approaching for the face-off between defending champions Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Ad budgets are exorbitant as always and it seems as though fans that are interested enough to make the trip to Phoenix must have exorbitant budgets as well, of disposable income that as.
    Brands Missing Their Chance To 'Get' Us
    I'm a die-hard Virgin America fan. I feel relegated to travel only to places where they fly. (It's basically just the edges of the country.)
    Luxury Through The Eyes Of The Affluents
    As we kick-off 2015 in a currently improving U. S. economy, based on a number of factors (e.g., falling unemployment, very low interest rates, rising stock markets, the highest level of consumer confidence in years, and especially the dramatic drop in oil and gasoline prices that have deposited billions of dollars of incremental, disposable income into consumers’ wallets), we envision more consumers (especially the affluent) increasing their shopping for luxury products and services. This comes with one caveat:  that no negative economic news or other substantive negative event occurs during the year that impacts consumers’ confidence levels. Based …
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