Luxury And The Age Of Distraction
    The erosion of attention in the era of "information overload" has become cliche. The disintegration of attention has long been related to computer technology. For instance, the first published use of the word "multitask" appeared in an IBM paper from 1965 in reference to a computer simultaneous processing powers and it has since become a mainstay in the popular idiom of the modern culture of distraction. It might be said that we're rapidly becoming beset with "digital amnesia."
    All Affluent, Wealthy, And Luxury Consumers Are Not The Same
    Recently I attended a conference that focused on marketing to affluent consumers. As I listened to a day's worth of presentations, I realized that the speakers were using the market descriptors "affluent," "wealthy," and "luxury" interchangeably. However, based on the work we have done in these three market segments, we must note that while they overlap somewhat, the three categories relate in most respects to consumers with different demographic and behavioral profiles.
    The Affluent Mobile Story Is Told Across Multiple Devices
    When pursuing an omnichannel approach, it's important to not only understand which device the consumer is on but, perhaps more importantly, that you're reaching the same consumer across various devices.
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