• The New Equation: Bad Economy; Good Marketing
    Economic growth has come to a halt; incomes are flat, the GDP has stalled, and corporate earnings are expected to remain stagnant through the end of the year. The affluent consumer market, however, continues to grow, and affluent marketing is increasing in its effectiveness. In order to capitalize on this apparent cross-current of economic conditions and marketing success, digital marketing and audience targeting become more influential than ever before.
  • Affluents' Hunger for Media Content Continues to Grow
    Today we released the 2012 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, marking our 36th consecutive year of tracking the lives, lifestyles and media habits of Affluent Americans (defined as the 59 million adults with $100K+ annual household income). We find, first and foremost, that the Affluent hunger for content and connectivity continues to grow.
  • Lifestyle Is In The Digital Air!
    Change of seasons creates powerful consumer engagement opportunities.
  • Back to School Means Big Business
    Jing Daily believes that "sending a child abroad to study is considered the ultimate luxury purchase."