• Regain Their Loyalty: The Art Of Reactivating Dormant Luxury Buyers
    In the era of Groupon Reserve, how can luxury brands hope to hold their customers? If everyone is looking for a bargain, can stores like Barneys and Neiman Marcus even stay in business, much less maintain the loyalty of their pre-recession customers?
  • Money On Their Minds: A Look At Investments
    Defining Affluents as the 59 million U.S. adults living in households with $100,000 or more in annual household income (HHI), we find they average $192K in HHI, and their average of $500K in liquid assets is spread across a variety of accounts. Essentially, all have a banking (checking/savings) account, and nearly as many (87%) have a retirement account, including 63% with a 401K. They have a variety of insurance accounts as well, with personal insurance being the second-largest category of Affluent expenditures (behind automotive).
  • Using Email To Sell High-Ticket Items
    Much has been written about today's affluent consumers being device-crazy. For example, according to a recent "Engage:Affluent" column by Stephen Krauss of Ipsos MediaCT, half of affluents now own smartphones and a quarter own tablets, and these numbers have been increasingly rapidly.
  • Made For China
    Despite the weakened Chinese economy, the appetite for luxury goods remains strong. What is interesting is that the Chinese look to the U.S. as a credible and desirable source of luxury goods. No longer does the U.S. sit a rung below France and Italy; it now sits side by side on the dais of luxury brands.