• The Resurgence Of Style Among Men
    Have you met today's affluent males? Gone are the days of JNCO's, Birkenstocks and cargo shorts for these gents. Instead we've seen men, specifically affluent men, spur a resurgence of style, proper fit and a recent appreciation for what they wear and their overall appearance. Luxury products that appeal to this modern gentleman range from custom-fit suits to specialized skincare. Consulting firm Bain & Company reported that this market segment is growing at a rate of about 14% per year -- nearly double the pace of luxury women's wear. While the renaissance for the affluent male market isn't new this ...
  • What Separates Affluents - And 'Millionaires' - From The Rest?
    How do people get rich? It's a question that has fascinated people since ... well, since the invention of money. The answer, of course, depends in part on one's definition of "rich."
  • Luxury Brand Development Is Like Building A House
    I'm often asked how much it costs to develop the branding for a new business venture. In response I ask: How much does it cost to build a house? What I mean is that the question is impossible to accurately answer without clarification.
  • Gaining A Deeper Understanding Of Luxury Market Trends
    The media sensationalizes the exploits of the rich. In the last couple of weeks alone, we've heard about Disney "tour concierges," detectives being hired as drivers and serving as parents' eyes and ears on the ground to keep kids out of trouble, and haute pizza parties-not to mention the relaunch of A Small World, a super-exclusive social/travel network for the well-heeled set.
  • The Emerging Handbook For Luxury Brands, Social Media And Millennials
    With social media increasingly the communications platform of choice for the most desirable Millennial consumers, luxury brands will have to rewrite the script on how they speak to this crucial audience. Millennials differ from previous generations in how they prioritize luxury purchases, even how they interpret the social cachet in which luxury brands trade. With Millennials on track to become the largest consumer demographic in the U.S. by 2015, luxury brands need to develop smart social marketing and customer service approaches to capture their attention and maintain the exclusive appeal of their products.
  • Affluence Is In The Eyes Of The Advertisers And Their Agencies
    Last month, I explored the meaning of the words "luxury" and "luxurious" from the consumers' points of view. That review generated some fascinating feedback from interested readers and clients regarding which media channels are the most engaging in reaching those affluent consumers who are more likely to buy luxuries or luxurious products and services, compared with those who are more considered to be "mass" consumers. In that regard, our ongoing, insights-oriented survey differs from others as it allows its users to define their target markets as they see fit. This is by design, since we have repeatedly heard from advertisers ...