• The Changing Nature Of Affluence
    Man, we love to come up with new catch-phrases and words. Then we torture them on social media, talk radio - everywhere. We have "binge viewers" instead of people who watch too much TV. We don't "hang out" anymore. We "chillax" or "thrillax." Even old-school phrases get the new torture treatment. These days politicians and everyone associated with them (which seems to be everybody) are ranting about the "one percent."
  • Secrets Of The Luxury Winners
    Ritz-Carlton. Omni Hotels. Alaska Airlines. Air Canada. These are the upscale brands that top the recently released JD Power and Associates travel survey. We know that all four of these companies are consistently noted for their customer service. Over-the-top customer service, in fact. The Ritz-Carlton credo says, "The Ritz-Carlton experience enlivens the senses, instills well-being, and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests."
  • Affluents Don't Feel Affluent In The Summer Of Uncertainty
    It's a summer of uncertainty, with Affluent optimism gyrating based on the latest economic news. It contributes to a fundamental irony: these days, Affluents simply don't feel affluent.
  • New Fall TV Shows Not Getting Affluents' Attention
    Each year, our research looks to uncover television's most anticipated programs among affluent consumers. This year, this important group has shown little to no interest in the Fall television season. When it comes to new programs premiering this fall, very few made the must-see list among high-income consumers. The list pales in comparison to the number of programs anticipated on the eve of the 2011 Fall television season. This lack of excitement for new shows may be the result of choice overload, lack of star power or just a laissez-faire attitude toward network TV.
  • Chinese Demand Continues To Propel Luxury Goods Companies
    Since 2009, we have been able to survey the attitudes and usage behaviors of China's 353 newly minted billionaires towards designer handbags, watches and fine jewelry. And they are very generous about providing us with access to their views and attitudes towards luxury goods and beauty products.