Is Cause Marketing To This Group Worth The Effort?
    Do you find yourself questioning the time and effort that goes into cause marketing? Has it become a pain rather than an uplifting venture? Do you wonder if it's making a difference with consumers?
    People Take Vacations; Media Use Does Not
    Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing CNBC's Robert Frank and Cond Nast Research Director Jennifer Sylvester as part of our Point-of-View Forum on Affluent travel. We had a wide-ranging discussion, and shared new data about Affluents' favorite vacations ever, as well as the destinations they would most like to visit (Hawaii topped the list, followed closely by Europe and Alaska). Some of the data I found most compelling underscored a crucial point: Affluents take vacations, but their media use does not.
    A Match Made In Marketing Heaven
    As the increase in tablet adoption makes clear, tablets today are no longer "novelty gadgets," but rather tier one mobile devices, comprising one-third of all mobile content consumption. One of the most striking discoveries is the effectiveness of tablet marketing in reaching affluent consumers. We also see the inherently engaging tablet platform as particularly well suited for evoking lifestyle benefits - staple tools for luxury brand marketers.
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