'Premium' Versus 'Luxury,' A Blur?
    At the recent New York Auto Show's media day a panel of industry experts wrestled with the Jacob's angel of the marketing differences and strategic implications of "Premium" versus "Luxury." This is an issue that still dogs or inspires a range of luxury brands in many segments of luxury including fine jewelry, apparel, hospitality, travel and, of course, automotive.
    Going Beyond The Most Affluent Is Critical For Conscious-Consumer Products
    There is a trend in marketing right now chasing the "conscious consumer" - those consumers whose buying habits are often a reflection of their environmental, ethical and political concerns. The trend can be seen in everything from eco-friendly detergent to green homes to the slow food movement.
    Who Are The Affluents?
    Last month's column - "How Many Affluent Millennials Are There?" - focused on the buying power and affluence levels of the Millennial generation by segmenting all 73 million who are adults (18+ in age) into three age segments. That column induced a good number of readers to ask how Millennials compare with Gen Xers and Boomers as regards affluence.
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