• Even Affluent Customers Can't Buy Time
    If you need a few laughs today, Google "rich people problems." Some of them are funny. Some of them, like Tiger Woods' ex, Elin Nordgren, tearing down a $12 million mansion are perplexing.
  • Affluents, Coupons, And The Implications Of A Female-driven Marketplace
    People are often surprised to learn how frequently Affluent consumers use coupons and other forms of discounts. Our latest barometer, conducted in late January 2012, again revealed relatively strong interest in coupons of all types, along with widespread and frequent use.
  • There's Groupon, And Then There's Good Will
    Why partnering with a charity is a better deal for brands
  • Engaging Affluent Chinese Through Beauty Products
    For affluent Chinese customers, Beauty is the portal into luxury goods. This is due to the fact that they are less expensive and more widely available. Consequently, they are purchased by young Chinese female students, who often hold competitions with their friends to see who can collect the most coveted brands.