Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for June 2014
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, June 30, 2014
YouTube Video Stardom Leads Grumpy Cat, The Fine Brothers To Movie, Television Deals
Google Finally Killing Orkut
Napgate: Cannes
Paid-Search Spend Rises, But Marketers Pulling Out Of Partner Programs
Bing Beefs Up Twitter Tie-Ins
A Wearables Moment Or Momentum?
Joule's Lieberman On Wearables, Amazon Phone, Location Marketing
Researchers Identify Flaw in PayPal Payment
Off The Aereo, Service Suspended
Centrum Video Shows 'Old Guys' Still Have Game
Native Ad Disclosure: Creating Meaningful Relationships
AudienceScience Taps Suljic As VP, Sales
VOD Usage Grows, Ups 18-49 Viewing
Making Money From YouTube, Video Channel Content Beyond Advertising
Twitter Globally Expands Mobile App Promo Ads, Enhances Targeting
$1 Billlion In Online Political Spending In 2016, Borrell Study Says
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, June 27, 2014
Would You Lease A Pair Of Mud Jeans For A Year?
YouTube Rocks VidCon With Brands, Strengthens Content Video Tools For Creators
The Search Agency Acquires MoFuse To Support Local Mobile Campaigns
Digital Advertising Alliance Unveils Mobile Privacy App
What's Wrong With YouTube: A List Of Sins
Facebook Launches Multi-Product Ads For Marketers
Google Targets The Big Screen With Android TV Launch
Branded Tools A Factor In Creating Loyalty
Android Wearable Population, Activities On Rise
Curiyo Helps 'USA Today' With On-Site Searches
Ex-Media Kitchen Exec Forms Comms Strategy Shop
New Bob Marley Video Project Seeks Fan Input
10 Better Excuses Than 'I Fell Asleep'
Programmatic Mobile Video: Floor Wax or Dessert Topping? It's Both!
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 26, 2014
IgnitionOne Looks For Acquisitions With $20 Million Funding In Pocket
Are Our Brains Trading Breadth for Depth?
Mobile Forces Decline In Page Views - 10 Tips To Reverse The Trend
New Ads On Google AdMob Network
Man Versus Machine
Hey, Enough Focus On Creativity. Give Me More Investment In Metrics
What Aereo Ruling Means To Cloud Services, Content
CPC Strategy Lands On Google Shopping Partner List
Survey Says: Women 55+ Skew In-Display Survey Results
Mobile Engagement: Apps, Smartphones Hit New Highs
ComScore Pushes Unified Video Measurement
Google Targets The Big Screen With Android TV Launch
Fueling Gen Y's New Passion For Power Babes
How Trends In Long-Form Content Discovery Affect Future Ad Spend
Sizmek To Take Video Verification Tool Out Of Beta
Putting Video Viewability Standards Into Focus
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Mobile Travel Sites On Rocky Road
Google Introduces Android Wear, Auto, TV: Moves Voice Deeper Into Search
Search And Call Measurement: An Advanced Placement Class
Up To 50% Of Web Traffic is Fake - What Will Advertisers Do?
iCrossing Rolls Out Real-Time SearchAi For Google AdWords Retargeting
Yahoo To Guarantee Viewable Impressions
In-Store Mobile Payments on the Rise
Kenshoo Appoints Chavez To Lead Global Marketing Research, Content
Google Glass On Sale In The UK
Omnicom's Annalect Reorganizes, Taps Wunderman's Samardzija To Be Chief Analytics Officer
Groupon Buys Coupon App Company
Mobile Share of Yahoo Shopping Browsing in Market Nears 40%
Twitter Refines User Experience
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Clintons Tap Bing Pulse For Real-Time Audience Feedback At CGI Events
BrightEdge Reveals Why Brands Are Losing 68% Of Smartphone Traffic
Told You So. Told You So. Nyah Nyah Nyah.
Local TV News, Ads Drive Search On Engines
Making the Case for Paid-Search Ads: Why eBay's Study Shouldn't Scare Brands
Google Testing Domain Name Registrar
Lots of Smart TVs To Come, But OTT Use Will Mostly Be Via Device, Study Says
Criteo Cites Higher Click Rates In Mobile Than PC
Google Glass On Sale In The UK
Cross-Device Measurement: New Rules Of The Road
Audience Targeting In Video Takes Off: Rocket Fuel Unveils Guaranteed Model Featuring Nielsen, comScore Ratings
Google Glass -- Better Suited To Customer Service Than Adland?
Millennials And The Purchase Funnel (Cake)
How Cross-Platform Video Plans Can Optimize Reach Today
Fan Fervor? Facebook, Score Posts Dominate World Cup Social Media Behavior
Three Myths Of Email Marketing
Google Ventures' Partner Kevin Rose Rocks Boat In Portland
Social Doesn't Influence Purchase Decisions
Google Launches The Apps Show
The Time Marissa Mayer Stood Up Some Ad Execs
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, June 23, 2014
Google Reportedly Developing BoringSSL Version Of OpenSSL To Secure Data After Heartbleed Breach
Making the Case for Paid-Search Ads: Why eBay's Study Shouldn't Scare Brands
Google Releases Guidelines On Transitioning To PLAs.
U.S., Europe Movement To New Domain Extensions Failing To Gain Momentum
U.S. Ad Spend Hits $35B In Q1
Parental Status Added To Google AdWords
Why Social Media Users Share Content, Offensive Or Not
The Dark Side Of Incentivized Video Ads: Take Notice Of Why Apple Stopped Them
If Facebook Owned Twitter
BBC Enlists Google To Sell Online Ads
World Cup Fever: How Advertisers Beat Sports Fans Into Submission -- Or Unconsciousness
Factor & Gamble: 'Why Would Consumers Give A Crap,' Pritchard Asks
YouTube Is Cheering For Advertising-Friendly Vice Media
Marketers Capitalize On Futbol Fever
Hyper-local Data: Programmatic Game-Changer, And Not Just For Mobile
Seven Content Marketing Tips For SMBs
Amazon, Marketers Look To Insights From Fire Phone
Leave Real-Time To Advertising That Delivers On Marketing's Human Strategy
Yahoo Puts Its Emphasis On Digital Magazines
In A Digital Age, It's Cannes Year-Round
Yahoo News Picks Up Another Veteran Journalist
Beyond Siri
Yahoo Scores Michael Isikoff
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, June 20, 2014
Google Appeals To Right, Left Brain With $50 Million To Convince Girls To Code
BrightTag Rebrands To Signal, Addressing How Brands Connect
AddThis Opens Marketplace Of Tools To Target Social Behavior
How Many Internet-Connected Devices Do You Own?
Oracle Acquires LiveLook, Allowing Brands, Clients To Share Screens
If Native Ad Is Good, Why Disguise What It Is?
Tweets Are Like Call-Out Boxes On Printed Pages
International SEO And How To Use It
'NYT,' 'WaPo' Partner With Mozilla To Build Open-Source Content Publishing Platform
Foursquare Boasts National Brands - What About SMBs?
BBC Enlists Google To Sell Online Ads
Google Buys Video Ad Firm mDialog, Will Integrate With DoubleClick For Publishers
Native Advertising Test: Does Your Campaign Make The Cut?
Sorrell Slams Cannes, Warns About Native 'Transparency'
YouTube Is Cheering For Advertising-Friendly Vice Media
What Video Learned From Display
Ad Industry Urges Web Standards Group To Abandon Do-Not-Track Effort
Stop Patronising Over 50s And Get Advertising To Them Through Social And YouTube
UM, AOL Launch 'Moments' Real-Time Marketing Platform
I Am The Context
Hegarty, Droga Pile On Native, Call Big Data 'Bullshit'
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 19, 2014
Back-To-School Timing, Tips For Social And Search Campaigns
2014 World Cup Ad Views On YouTube Surpass U.S. Football
In-App Pop-Up Ads Make It Difficult To Enjoy Content
Viewability As A Currency Grows Up; RealVu Launches In-View Only Exchange
Better Advertising Through Chemistry: Oxytocin Is The New Dopamine
Unilever's Weed To Agencies, Suppliers: Work 110% For Our Brands, Not Your Specialty
Clear Channel Launches AuDiO For Political Ads
Pros And Cons Of A Fuel-Efficient Brain
Facebook Woos Marketers With Performance Goals
Flurry Stats Show Health, Fitness App Use Skyrocketing
Amazon Rolls Out Fire Phone
What Shopper Marketers Can Learn From Hispanic Shopping Malls
Prepare For The Customer Journey
Must We All Be 'Always On'?
Reel-Time In Cannes: Saatchi Makes Delegates 'Feel'
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Kenshoo Reveals Search, Facebook Advertising Investment Formula For Success
Digital Ad Industry Calling On Technical Marketing Temps, Contract Workers
Time To Retire The Click-Through Rate?
Facebook's Sandberg: We Won't Put Ads In Messaging, Oculus Is A Bet On The Future
Must We All Be 'Always On'?
Virginia Supreme Court To Decide Whether To Unmask Yelp Reviewers
Mobile Meets The Global Game On World Stage
Being There, Sort Of
Video Views Via Mobile/Tablet Up 532% Since 2012--But Don't Forget Connected TVs
SpotXchange Doubles Down On Fraud Protection With DoubleVerify Partnership
Augmented Reality & Triggers to Transactions
Augmented Reality Start-up Blippar Buys AR Pioneer Layer
Unrecovering From Google Penguin
Surveillance Of U.K. Citizens On Social Sites Legal When Justified
Will YouTube Block Indie Artists?
SMBs Not Investing Enough To Meet Consumer Mobile Use
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Microsoft Sunsets Bing Ads Express
Top 50 U.S. Web Properties
How Transactional Emails Lead To Searches, Purchases
Five Things Every Marketer Should Know About Google Tag Manager
Yahoo's Mayer Goes 'Native' In Cannes, Makes Giant Product Pitch To Ad Industry
Dyson, Amazon, Google, Apple Named Most Entrepreneurial Brands
Web Giants Support Spokeo In Privacy Battle
Microsoft Releases IE Developer Channel
What's Next For Google: Levitating Cars?
Facebook Uses Browsing Habit To Target Ads
Lions Health Day Two Reflection
Magna Downgrades (Slightly) Its 2014 Ad Growth Forecast
Taking Programmatic In-House: The Impact For Marketers
Tumblr Ads To Appear On Yahoo Sites
Why Use A Social Search Engine?
What Will Be The CueCat Of The Wearable Era?
WPP Taps Factual For Location-Based Data
Understanding Why Targeted Ads Are So "Creepy"
Smartwatches Hot, But Lack Killer App
Break Down Measurement Silos And Get with the Program-matic
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