Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for May 2015
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, May 29, 2015
Search Data Platforms, Analytics To Reach $2.3B In Revenue By 2019
Online Marketplaces Align Google, Yelp, Bagedo IB
Google Now Plans To Get People Off Apps And Onto Web
Can Google Close The Trust Gap With Amazon?
Levi's Partners With Google On Project Jacquard To Make Smart Clothing
Google Explains its Mobile Revolution
Gaining Loyal Customers With Paid Search For Local
Verizon Wants 'Supercookie' Case Sent To Arbitration
Branding As Ranking Factor, Yes Or No?
Useful Vs. Creepy: The Jury Is Still Out
Digital Engagement Index
Does Quality Score Really Influence Performance?
With Home Address Identification, Reveelz Takes Targeting Too Far
Google Jumps Into Virtual Reality
Android Now Walks Your Dog, Does Laundry
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 28, 2015
How Search Will Capitalize On Wearable Devices, Internet Of Things
Google Introduces Communications Framework For Connected Devices On Internet Of Things
Lenovo ReachIT Extends Cortana Searches Outside Microsoft Apps
Can Google Close The Trust Gap With Amazon?
Google Delivers On Need To Track Mobile Metrics, Performance
Google Garners 75% Of Mobile Ad Revenue From iOS
Data Suggests Popularity Of Banking Apps
Google Releases Ad Targeting AdMob Tools
Google Confirms Buy Button On Product Shopping Ads
Research Redux: Helping Marketers Drive Growth
Telmar Continues Research Run, Taps Fountas For Americas
Apple Readying Google Now Competitor
The Apple Not-So-Smart Watch: Do I Own It, Or Does It Own Me?
Mary Meeker Sheds Light On Future Internet Trends
Oculu Rift VR Headset/PC Will Cost About $1,000, Says CEO
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Google AdWords Lags In Driving App Installs For Gaming
No More Keywords -- No More Text Ads, Either?
Bing Images Adds 'How Old' Feature
Financial Sector To Up Digital Budgets To $10 Billion Annually By 2019
Marin Optimization Tool Answers 'How Much Do I Bid?' Per Search Campaigns
How Bots Really Impact CTR
Data-Driven Spending Grows Despite Tempered Expectations
Why Native Advertising Is Superior To Previous Advertorials
Google Mobile Autocompletes Answers
Google, Yahoo Separately Interested In Acquiring Flipboard
Google-Oracle Code Battle Rages On
World White Web Graphic Designer Sends Google Message
Apple Working on Indoor Mapping
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Nearby Ads Serving Dynamic In Mobile Apps: A Pipe Dream Or Reality?
eBay Reinvents Search: Launches Promoted Listings, Cost-Per-Sale Model
The Connection Between SEO And Server Log Analysis
Bing Builds Massive App-Linking Index
Tips On Hyperlocal Marketing
Israeli Startup Develops Foolproof Ad Addressability, Uses Your Actual Address
An Early Look At Google's New Photo-Sharing Service
Google's Smart Teddy Bear Patent
Google Kills Stock Email App on Android Devices, Emphasizing Gmail App
The Role Of Mobile In The Omnichannel Purchase Journey
Mobile Revenue Forecast: Commerce, $600 Billion; Advertising, $85 billion
Targeting The Mobilized Fan
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, May 22, 2015
Google Losing To Facebook In Mid-America Small Towns
Lotame Eyes APAC Marketers, Adds Eyeota Data To Platform
How Advertiser Sales Data Will Turn The Sales Funnel Into An Hourglass
Sharethrough Taps Nudge For Audience Attention Metrics
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 21, 2015
How Search Data More Closely Predicted How Seats On U.K. Political Parties Would Change
Google Adds Buy Button For YouTube TrueView Ads
Twitter Bows New Google Partnership, Search Interface
Lycos Puts Search, Ad Patents On The Block: Will Roll Out 'Hard Goods' Soon
Most People Doubt Web Companies Will Keep Data Private
Magnetic Acquires MyBuys, Raises $25 Million Equity Round
Marketers Investing In More Audience Data; Expenditure Up 37% In U.S.
Mozilla To Let Advertisers Target Firefox Users Based On Browsing History
Google Has Been Secretly Fighting Ad Fraud
Cross-Platform Ad Campaigns Add Millions To Audience Reach
Turn Asks Judge To Send 'Supercookie' Lawsuit To Arbitration
Sizmek Partners With Retailigence For Real-Time Data On Brick-And-Mortar Inventory
Google Renames Webmaster Tools
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 20, 2015
The Correct Way To Use Product Manuals To Improve Search Marketing
Twitter, Google Strike Deal That Drives Leads, Reads
Google Readying New Photo-Sharing Service
Most Real-Time Data Isn't Really Real Time
Piracy Web Sites Net $209M From Digital Ads
Yahoo Stock Down As IRS Reconsiders Spinoff Rules
Exact Audience Targeting And Validation Are Keys To Digital Brand Advertising
Google Buy Button Coming To Mobile Search Results
Beacons & Moving into the Nitty-Gritty
AdRoll Updates Bidding Algorithm, Claims Viewability Jumps 37%
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Facebook Has The Knowledge To Launch A Sophisticated Search Engine. Here's Why
New Platforms, Including BrightRoll, Plug Into Placed For In-Store Measurement
Google Updates YouTube's Aging Infrastructure
Google Prevails In Battle Over 'Innocence Of Muslims'
NAI Issues Privacy Guidelines For Digital Fingerprinting, Other Non-Cookie Ad Technology
Twitter Officially Launches New Search Feature
Mobilegeddon: 7 Things to Check When Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly
Pinterest Ramps Up Advertising Efforts
Using Advanced Measurement To Optimize The 4 Ps Of Marketing
Mobile, Native And Social Will Help Brands Avoid Google vs. EU Telco Battle
Advertising Meets the Internet of Things
Euro Carriers Considering Nuclear Option: May 'Bomb' Mobile Ads
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, May 18, 2015
Where Memorial Day-Related Searches Skyrocket In May
Google Reportedly Rolling Out Buy Button
Google's Self-Driving Cars Are Coming This Summer
The Paradox Of Hispanic SEO
Baidu Invests 'Millions' In Content Ad Platform Taboola
Mobile, Native And Social Will Help Brands Avoid Google vs. EU Telco Battle
Adobe Rolls Out Audiocasts On Bloomberg Radio, iTunes, Sound Cloud, Spotify
A Trip Down The Information Superhighway Memory Lane
Shifting B2B Buyers From Offline to Online (They're Consumers Too)
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, May 15, 2015
Baidu Says 'Meet Minwa,' An AI Supercomputer
Google's Self-Driving Cars Hit Mountain View Roads This Summer
Why DuckDuckGo?
Mobile Advertising Growth Steadies
The Most Linked To Search Content
M&A Media Deals, Dollar Value Dips In Q1 2015
The Top Five SEO Challenges And How To Fix Them
comScore, Nielsen Battle Over Estimates: Not Users, But Advertisers
Google Tells Brands They Are Not Ready For Mobile
Google FTC Email Exchange Reveals
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